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Not everyone knows the feeling of being left at the alter and no one and I mean absolutely no one wants to know what it feels like.

If you don't know let me tell you its not a walk in the park.
It hurts like a bitch, it's literally the most painful thing to happen to anyone in the world.

My name is Sage Delrico, my surname, well it was my grandfather's name, He died before I was born.
My mother and grandmother always told me stories about his daring adventures and the comical pranks he played on great granddaddy.

The name Sage was given to me by my grandmother, she told me stories of her mischievous adventures. she was quite stubborn and adventurous and got into trouble every time, the story that stood out was how she met granddad, that's a story for another day.
She passed away at the age of eighty two last month before my supposed 'wedding'.

I was getting married next month, when i turn twenty four. It hurts because I wished she could see me walk down the isle before she passed.

We always joked that instead of the plain old 'here comes the bride' song, we would twerk down the isle with all the single ladies blasting through the speakers.

I was close to my grandmother when I was little, we both would pretend to be pirates and raid the pantry and my mom would go berserk.

Before she passed she gave me her most prized possession a music box. It was locked and she said that love would open it, She sounded crazy at the moment but I appreciate the fact that she trusts me enough to hand over her prized possession.

She was my literal rock.

When ever I feel down or sad I talk to her but I can't do that anymore because she's gone.


As I ran out of the cathedral tears stung my eyes I could barely see but I some how managed to get to the train station, I probably looked crazy running in a white fluffy wedding gown with mascara running down my face.

I didn't give two horse shit about what people would say.

I got into one of the train carts and flopped on one of the seats bawling my eyes out then I heard some lady say in a taunting manner.

"Hahaha it seems as if Cinderella lost her way to the ball"

I lifted head from my hand my makeup was now completely ruined and I looked crazy.
More like a deranged scarecrow an ugly one to be precise.

I gave her the stink eye and she shifted uncomfortably on her seat.


I continued bawling out my eyes how could he do this to me .

Andrew and I have been dating for over three years we started dating when I was in college then he proposed the previous year on Christmas eve.

Grams never liked him, she said he just didn't rub off well on her plus he's ugly.

I always laugh when grams says this but little did I know how true it all was and he was truely on the ugly side.

Everything was perfect until some weeks ago, I noticed Andrew was acting a bit off he usually kissed me good morning but he didn't anymore, I didn't take that as a big deal , He finds fault in pretty much everything I do and always want to start an argument.

I should have noticed the way he looked at my younger sister, Nina, she's prettier, more outgoing and more on the social side while I was the exact opposite.

She had long brown hair while I had short hazelnut hair.

honestly it's pretty much the same color I barely notice the difference.

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