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Fighting day, we waited outside the house.I was practicing fighting with Kiba. I tried to hit him with my smoke missiles, but thanks to his speed, he avoided them.And when he was attacking, I either avoided him using a Smoke Dash, or took his sword off, using the chain. You could say I did not beat him, and he did not beat me.

Kiba: You're doing well, but you have to attack more if you want to win.

Kiba went towards me again.I threw a bomb of sulfur, Kiba avoided a direct hit, but when the bomb was next to him, it exploded, and Kiba closed his eyes and covered his mouth. Then I moved and performed the attack, hit Kiba several times with my chain.He fell to the ground, I approached him and gave him my hand.

F/N: Now good?

I smiled. He grabbed my hand and stood up.I noticed that the places where I hit him were all burned.

F/N:It's probably third degree burns. Asia should take care of it.

Kiba: It's nothing. You should care about your fight.

He's right, I was finally going to fight the high class devil. It is going to take place soon, now we are just waiting for an official invitation.By the way, the girls seem to be terribly upset, I do not think they believe in me ... sad.It can be proved by the fact that I found under my pillow the crystal I took from Raynare.I put it in my bag and I hope I will not have to use it today.

Then a white mark appeared on the ground, it was Grayfia sign. Everyone stood up and approached the sign.Grayfia came out of the white light.

Grayfia:Welcome everyone.It's time to resolve your dispute.

F/N: Let's not drag on it anymore, let's go.

Grayfia nodded her head. At that time Grayfia sign extended to our entire group. A glow blinded me.

A moment later, when I regained my sight, I noticed that I was in the middle of a building resembling coliseum.I was alone here, except for Riser, who stood at the end of the building.

F/N: Nice building, it's a pity that it will have to be destroyed.

Riser: You do not have to worry, we are really in a magical space created for such fights. Well, the sooner we finish it the better, get to the fight!

Riser threw a huge ball of fire in my direction.I used smoke dash to avoid his attack. Riser just frowned, and threw another fireball in my direction.I just avoided his missiles and laughed loudly at him.

F/N: HaHa! That's all you can do?

Riser: Shut up!

Rias POV

I sat next to my brother and watched F/N fight with Riser.As for now, F/N only avoided his attacks.Maybe he knows he will not be able to beat him a direct fight.

Sirzechs: Are you nervous?

Rias: ...

Sirzechs: I have the impression that this boy can handle this fight. Don't worry.

???: I'm not sure about it!

A blond-haired girl entered the room.

Sirzechs: Rias, this is Riser's sister, Ravel Phenex.

Ravel: Good morning Rias, you can get ready for the wedding, your minion does not have the slightest chance with my brother.

Rias: You're so confident.

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