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Taeyeon got into the company..eventually told only tiffany but she felt guilty so she told her mom..her parents hesitated but taeyeon promised to work hard at school while training then they agreed...

"Taeyeon..as you are now an official trainie here at Win Ent. Your reputation is very important..ESPECIALLY THE DATING BAN ...take that one seriously!?.so have you told your guardian about your dorm here...?" The CEO asked

"Her parents have agreed to everything but with one condition...." Jennie stated

The CEO together with some staff looked at eachother..

"This must not harm her school...stuff.."

The CEO nodded but the staff laughed as they thought it would be impossible

"Dont worry..well take care of school..but this will be hard for taeyeon...-

the CEO was cut by taeyeon who has been sitting quietly..."I will do my best!" Taeyeon says confidently and bowed earning good response

The CEO was fond of taeyeon..he is already planning for her,he was proud


It was taeyeons sembreak so she had no reason to go outside her dorm in the company..her roomate,fellow trainie named minji..she has been a trainie for 2 years and shes 3 years older than taeyeon

An early sat morning for the trainies

*kring kring (alarm) *8:00 am

"Uughhh..yah! Kim taeyeon!please turn that off..please" minji pleaded

Taeyeon streched as she sits up on her bed and reach for the alarm and turn it a off...

Damn..Im so hungry..our diet is killing me!!?!!!

"Unnie..Im hungry..lets go at the cafeteria" taeyeon tried to wake her unnie up but she wont move

Taeyeon felt minji needed rest so she washed then went to the cafeteria with her cute onsie...

The cafeteria was a bit empty as it was still too early but it was open.

Taeyeon grabbed a tray and was mesmerized by the foods "waahhhh" she was so hungry..


Baekhyuns pov:

"Yah!Baek get us food" sehun shouted while on his bed with the other members rewatching their recent performance

"How dare you ask your leader that..!" Baekhyun says

"Its not like your the oldest...me and suho are older than you...get food..cmon baek" the oldest member pleaded

"Fine!Im going just cause Im hungry!,and Im picking the foods youll get" baekhyun shouted and left...


Baekhyun with his hood on and some shades grabbed a tray cooly and went to get the food..

As he silently orders,the female cooks were swooning,but he just fake a smile...he grabs the food and was about to leave when...

"What do you mean I cant!!?!"
Baekhyun heard a girl say..he stood their and listen more..

"Look..Im sorry were just following what the boss says...got that princess." A female worker sounded annoyed

"But Ive been practicing all night! I havent eaten anything for a day!...?...please!" The girl pleaded

"If you cant take it..you can quit" the worker says as she took a big bite of the sandwich she took from the girl and left

The girl turned around and baekhyun was shocked but he turned quick so the girl didnt see

The girl left...the same worker went to greet baekhyun

"Please eat lots oppa!,you guys deserve it" the worker smiled and bowed..baekhyun ignored her greetings and left...he didnt like how she treated his angel....

Taeyeon pov:

Uuggghhh..how can they do this..Im gonna starve to death..

I walk lazily going to my dorm empty handed....

Suddenly someone held my left hand..and got me to turn around

"Yah!-" I shouted but froze when I saw...Baekhyun..The leader of RebeX...

we stood there still! holding hands..

Im getting red I hope he doesnt notice...

"Here.." he opened my hand..the one he was just holding and placed a sandwich..I looked at him suprised...he smiled and pat my head

Im blushing hard..my heart was beating really fast..like really fast....

He lowered his head to level it with mine with a serious expression..I gulped....after seconds...

His serious face quickly turned to a cute dorky smile and giggled while patting my head

"Welcome to our company Im baekhyun..Im your senior...dont be afraid to ask me anything okay?.."

We looked at eachotheres eyes

"I-I-.thank-thank you.."

Uugghh this is so embarassing I cant believe this..Im embarassing myself infront of a BIG senior..FREAKING BAEKHYUN IS TALKING TO ME..HAVING A CONVERSATION..?!?!

He smiled at me "dont be afraid to come to me..ok?..whats your name by the way..?"
He asked

"T-Taeyeon" I bowed..he smile and waved goodbye..while Im still in a zoning out..I stared at him till he went to the elevator..then waved at me akwardly as the elevator closed..

Baekhyun pov:

"T-Taeyeon" she bowed

Shes so cute and awkward..I dont know what to do...

I need to act cool..

My heart was beating impossibly fast right now..It started when I accidentally held her hand..I cant handle it..she cant see me like this..

I bid her goodbye as I cant handle myself and went inside the elevater and waved..VERY AKWARDLY..I face palm myself internally..the elevator closes..

"Ahhh" I put my hands on my face..

God..I wish I didnt embarass myself?!?!


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