Chapter 9

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"I don't know him." Their pupils almost came out. "Who's Jungkook." I simply asked.

"You. Dont. Know. Jungkook." Said the tall guy beside me. "Guess it's the wrong girl."

"It means you can be my girlfriend, right?" Thats when the horn of the bus goes on and on. "What the hell hyung!"

"Shhhh. Jk's back." I gulped.

"Jimin, open the doors." Jimin stood up, unlocking the bus's doors and then he came.

"So... you are jungkook?" I asked. "Uh yeah."

"Wait but I thoug- but Mr Unknown- but- OH.."

"So that is you!" I said, my pupils size getting bigger. "What the fuck? Is she abnormal or what?" Taehyung said.

"Dont compare my queen with you." Thats when the noodles came out of the guy's nose who is sitting right in front of me. "Eat slowly, J-hope."

"No, jin hyung, its just that jimin just called taehyung abnormal."

"Wait, my quee- wait what was that Jimin?" Jungkook asked.

"Why kook, you jealous?"

"Now jungkook can get jealous of two things. One, that Jimin is calling her his queen and other is.. that jungkook likes jimin but hates it when he called Yeonha his queen."

"Phuu..!!" "What the fuck taehyung, you spilted all the fucking water on me."

"No no. I meant that you called her my queen. But she isn't queen yet. She's princess." Jungkook said

I feel dissapointed. I dont know why.

"Ugh! Okay thanks Mr. Unkno- Ugh I mean Jeon Jungkook. Now my grandma's house is just right at the corner. Ya'll can drop me there."

All of them nodded. Except for Jungkook.

"Wait, Yeonha? I thought you doesn't know him. How do you know his full name then?"

"Wait full name what?"

"You just called him Jeon Jungkook."

Huh? "Isn't that his name? Jeon-

Thats when I stopped and looked over at him. Who was staring at me, intensly. I gulped.

"And yeah, we can't let you go to your grandma's house."

"Yah! Why?" I asked. "Stupid, because your dad might come there."

Oh yeah. "So I'm gonna be going with you?"

"With me."

Said Jungkook.

"Yeonha. We haven't brought your clothes so feel free to use Jungkook's credit card for shopping. He's pretty rich."

Thats when I checked him out. "Really?" I smirked. He rolled his eyes, handing me his card.

"My money.."

"You're always wasting it on your white shirts anyways!" I said, eyeing the card happily. Finally shopping.

"How do you know he-

"Lets go!"

"Hyungs, I am so confused."

Jungkook said. "Yeonha is in her room, trying all of the clothes she brought. And they're kind of cute." Jimin said. "Yo, you're stalking her, stop."

"She never really liked big and huge kind of dresses. She's the girl who's always seeking comfort and I guess she's not feeling comfortable with us." Said jungkook. "Wait. I'm wondering that how does she know so many things about you? For example, your full name? And your white-shirt obsession?"

There goes jungkook all silent, only thinking that what the fuck is with his life. He was so confused.

"Ugh!" He ruffled his hair. "I guess the effect of medicine is getting low." Namjoon said. "Yeah it seems."

"But maybe she's faking the memory. Jungkook, maybe she's faking all of it. Not knowing you, it can't usually happen. And I've never heard of a medicine like that." Yoongi said. "Are you sure it was a medicine?"

"No I- but I thought tha-

"Bingo. You aren't sure. She's faking it." Said Jin.

"But maybe we're thinking wrong?"

"I have a plan." That's when jimin smirked.

So after trying all of them clothes, I finally picked the one I'm gonna wear today.

"Hmm. Not bad."

"Jungkook? What are you doing here? And why are you dressed like this?" I asked.

"He's getting ready for a date!" Jimin popped up from behind, smiling widely.

A date? And Jungkook?

"A... date?" I asked. "Yeah, surprising, right?!" Taehyung said, with excitement filled eyes. "Oh goody, so why are you guys telling me this?" I chuckled. "We need help. Can you do his hair please?"


While styling his hair, many thoughts came into my mind. "So, jungkook, who is she, huh?" Taehyung asked, nudging him. "I thought you'd know?" I asked.

"I- I mean you're his friend right? A closest one." I coughed. "Yeah, but it was fast. He told us about a girl he liked but they actually started dating. Imagine, when he likes a girl, it's rare. Because he never liked one."

"H-he never liked one? Like.. ever?"

"Huh? Why are you asking that? Do you think I am lying?" Jimin said.

"No no I didn't said that. I mean that he's quite of a gentleman, how can a girl not like him?"

"Y/N, I guess you're wrong. We never said that. We said he never liked a girl before. What's so special in that girl huh?"

"Well actually she's so... so different."

Thats when I glanced down, focussing more on his hair than what he was saying.

"I was there as her bodyguard. And you know? It was the first time a princess showed me her school. Well I agree, people were pretty bad there but she was so different. Her hair... cheeks... cute button like nose and soft plum lips... she was super.. cute? I- I dont know."

"Ohhh jungkook is blushingggg...!!"

I gulped. "W-what's her na- name??" I asked, putting on a smile

"Are you ready?"

"Yes jungkook tell us!" Said jimin, desperate for their plan, to make it work.

"Meet the girl, who is faking that she doesn't know me at all. Lee Yeonha."

Thats when I was shocked and could do nothing. At all.


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