Being Sick/Home from school ~ Lilo

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Hi! This is Lilo here and I wanted to write a chapter on being sick/home from school so here it is! 
Being sick sucks but there are a few ways to make it better , here is my sickness bible below
Sore throat: 
-Lemon and manuka honey
-Throat gargle ( benadine works best)
-Eat ice chips ( crushed up ice)
-Try to restrain from painkillers 

Sore abdomen/tummy or bloating 
- heat packs 
- elevate legs / feet
- coconut water , camomile tea , avocado and citrus ( lemon , orange etc)
- 20-30 mins of yoga 
- Hot baths 

Headaches / migraines :|
- advil / nerofen 
- LOTS of water ( no soft drinks ) 
- apply ice or peppermint to your temples
- sleep 
- breathe in eucalyptus , lavender or rosemary oil 

Cold / clogged sinus'
- breathe in eucalyptus 
- put vaporub on your chest 
- eat pineapple or drink pineapple juice 

Thanks so much for reading this chapter 

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