5.) How To: Make your room look Tumblr!

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How to: Make your room look Tumblr ❤️

-Paint your walls! All tumblr rooms have pretty colored walls that make everything pop. I reccomend: shades of blue, purple, pink, and b&w.

-Add Christmas lights around your furniture. I put up a pair of silver lights that go around my bed. They look awesome at night!

- Add pictures. Put them around your room (maybe like a collage) to make your room more cozy.

- Add quotes. Print out your favorite quotes (maybe from your favorite song) and stick them above your bed or anywhere on your walls!

- Keep it clean! Now, this step is super important. If you have a messy room, it's so not going to look tumblr! Keeping it clean and organized will give it a tumblrish vibe.

- Don't have a bunch of random colored items on your shelves. Try to keep things color coordinated. If you decided to use different colors, make sure they suit eachother.

A/N: Hope you enjoyed this short and easy how to!

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