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The following morning, I got a letter from Hagrid explaining that he would be accompanying Harry to Diagon Alley tomorrow to purchase things for Hogwarts.

I also got a letter from Hogwarts, along with every Weasley child at the table bar Ginny, listing what we would need for the school year. After showing my letter from Hagrid to Mrs Weasley, she declared that we, too, would go to Diagon Alley the following day, but that I could go round with Hagrid and Harry, to try and get to know him again.

I was very appreciative, don't get me wrong, but I couldn't help but being nervous. I hadn't seen this boy in ten years! I didn't know what he liked, what he disliked, what to talk to him about, what we had in common, anything.

Fred and George could tell I was worrying, as they followed me around all day. They watched, concerned, as I raked my fingers through my hair, whispered to myself, and sighed a lot... like I do when I'm nervous.

It finally got to a stage that they said something, when I got the recipe for a simple batch of Nosebleed Nougat wrong.

"Ava!" George said, snapping me out of my worried thoughts.

"Hmm?" I asked, playing dumb.

"Do us all a favour, yeah and try to calm down, before there's another explosion," Fred joked, referring to how I had made a small bang occur and then smoke to billow from the cauldron, just moments before.

I tried to smile, but it ended up more like a grimace to be honest; "I can't guys; I'm really trying to but I haven't seen him in TEN years..."

I then proceeded to unleash all my worries onto the two bewildered twins sat opposite me.

They just looked at me blankly, before both saying; "You're family, Ava, you've got that in common."

"Yeah you can build on that," Fred continued.

"Just make a few sarcastic remarks about your fat uncle- that'll get him smiling," George finished.

I smiled, remembering how I had first got in with the twins. I've always been sarcastic (something I get from my father, apparently) so when I meet someone I'm sarcastic until I'm comfortable around them.... then I'm even more sarcastic..... there's no minimum level really....

Anyway! I nodded gratefully at the two boys in front of me, leaning over to give them both a hug before settling back down and concentrating on the next batch of Nougat.

Perhaps tomorrow would be a good day....

AN: I know it's taking a while to get going guys- sorry. I reckon there will be three more chapters before Ava meets Oliver:

Diagon Alley

To Hogwarts and The Sorting

Because You're My Brother

Thanks for your patience, guys, it's much appreciated!!! Xx

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