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Ever since Aurora Phoenix Black could remember, she always received side glances anywhere she went with her uncle Remus Lupin

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Ever since Aurora Phoenix Black could remember, she always received side glances anywhere she went with her uncle Remus Lupin. Nobody could understand how one of the most dangerous and evil men could've fathered someone so kind looking and friendly. And of course they'll all thought the same thing about her, 'She'll eventually end up just like him, or dead like her mother.' She didn't let that get her down though, instead of listening what others had to say about her father she only listened to his best friend and her godfather Remus Lupin, who told her many stories of her father and his other two best friends; James Potter and Peter Pettigrew causing mischief throughout the halls of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

She never felt judged with her uncle/godfather, as well as with the most friendly and caring family she ever met; The Weasleys. The Weasleys were a huge family that consisted of six red haired sons; Bill, Charlie, Percy, George, Fred and Ron, one red haired daughter; Ginny, and 2 red haired parents; Molly and Arthur Weasley. 

Aurora met Fred and George, who are identical twins, on her first day on the train to Hogwarts, they instantly clicked all three being very mischievous. She was surprised when they didn't judge her by her last name like a lot of other purebreed wizarding families did, but it made her ecstatic that she had finally found someone she could be friends with.

She then met Percy, he was older than the twins and the exact opposite of them; instead of enjoying pranks and mischief, Percy preferred to sit quietly in his dorm studying. Charlie was next, he was the first to greet her when she sat down at the Gryffindor table for her very first time. He was a seeker for the team and often spoke to Aurora about Quidditch and magical creatures, which she too found extremely interesting, Once Charlie left Hogwarts he moved to Romania, not too long after, to look after dragons there. They of course kept in contact by owls, in fact he was just like a brother she never had. 

Bill was the oldest Weasley child, he left Hogwarts a few years before Aurora even stepped foot in the school. He worked in Egypt for Gringotts, a wizarding bank, as a curse-breaker. Although, she wasn't as close to him only ever seeing him twice; once at a Christmas she spend with the Weasleys and once at a summer break she spent with them. Ron was the youngest male, he was a very shy boy who the twins (and even Aurora) loved pranking since he scared so easily. Last but not least, Ginny, the youngest of all the siblings and the only girl. She instantly loved Aurora and ever since she met the black haired witch she looked up to her. 

Molly and Arthur Weasley were two of the kindest people Aurora has ever met (apart from her uncle Remus of course), they always made sure she felt included, especially Molly who fussed over the girl as if she was her own, this made Aurora's heart swell with joy, she always wanted a mother figure in her life and Molly was more than happy to be that for her. Even though she helped the twins sent Ginny a Hogwarts toilet seat, Molly still looked at her as if she was an angel and hoped that eventually she'll keep the two boys in line.

Of course that wouldn't ever happen, the girl loved mischief (much like the twins) and she thought life without it was boring, much like her father according to Remus, who said on many occasions that she's the spitting image of Sirius Black. Aurora had gorgeous long black locks, a very signature look from the Black family, her skin was fair and pale and her eyes were a gorgeous chocolate brown with the same sparkle of mischief as her father's. 

Aurora loved the twins, the three of them were pretty much attached at the hips, whenever people saw her alone they knew it wouldn't be long before the twins showed up too. She always thought of the two as brother, well that was until her third year at Hogwarts. After knowing them for three years Aurora started feeling something different for one of them, Fred, she seemed to be a bit more giddy whenever he was around and blush a lot more than usual when he complimented her (which as the years went on he started doing more and more often) she prayed that all that it was was a silly crush and no one would ever find out. Of course though, much to her despair George instantly knew. He had known the girl for three years and his brother his all of his life, he could easily sense a completely different energy around them, and of course he'd tease them endlessly about it. 

AN: So thats just the intro, what do you think so far? the book will start in Harry's third year and the twins and Aurora's fifth (Prisoner of azkaban)

Also I do not own any of the characters apart from Aurora.

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