Chap 11: Future

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The two kids are having a huge fight, didn't know that there are two people are looking at them.

The little girl with blue haired pout :"Onii-chan is a real baka!"

"HUH?! ME?! IT'S YOU! YOU ARE THE ONE BAKA!"-The boy with black hair, definitely her brother complained.

The man with blue hair sigh:"They are stupid just like you, Akari"

The woman named Akari sweat dropped :"Not really...They are a little bit like you"

The bluenette man-Nagisa smiles:"You mean I am dumb?"

"Uh huh. You are very dumb. Remember when we met each other in Kyoto?"- Akari said.

Nagisa just smirk:"Whatever, get out of this conversation...We are busy now"

"Keiichi-kun! Haruna-chan! Let's go!"-Nagisa shouted loud enough to make the two kids heard.

Keiichi pouted, change his direction whenever his eyes met Haruna's.

Nagisa smirk at this.

Who knows he is a planning person?

'Bang!'-The sounds are already make sense that Nagisa is a devil. (He made their heads bumped to each other)

"Nagisa...What the hell did you do to them?"-Akari asked, sweat dropped at this.

But seems like she isn't surprise.

Maybe it just because she saw this too much time.

The kids didn't complain just because they already know how it will be...

Of course Nagisa isn't a person that is easy to give up.

So he can complain until they give up...

That makes Akari wonder that 'When did he become like this?' the whole time.

After a few minutes, Keiichi and Haruna stop complain about who is the real sucker.

Keiichi ask his mom :"Mummy, where are we going?"

Akari ask:"Don't you remember that today is your 'grandpa''s birthday?"

Haruna smiles:"Of course we remember! Right, onii-chan?"

"Uhmm...Yea..."-Keiichi lied.


"FINALLY!"-Keiichi laid on the ground when he finished his long walking...

Nagisa ask:"Seriously? That is a short walk"

Haruna say:"Dad, that is kid's limit...You are suck,dad"

He laugh:"Ahhahaha...Very funny, Haruna-chan..."

"Dad is unfair. Daddy always give Haruna-chan a piggyback...!"-Keiichi starts to complain

Nagisa is about to laugh but then stop when he saw a red head.

"Huh? Isn't you are Keiichi? Dense as usual, huh?"-The red head looks at the boy on the ground.

Gasp...It is a gasp for Keiichi...:

-Uncle Karma! Long time no see!Hahahaa!"

-Tsk, just tell me that you want to meet Ai-chan.

-NO! I don't!

-Okay! Ai-chan! Don't meet Ke-Huh?

-No no no no! I'm sorry,sir! PLEASE FORGIVE MEEEE!

-Well, okay?

Akari gave Karma a laugh...

In middle school, he always ship her with Nagisa...

But now?

He shipped his daughter with her kid!


After cleaning, all the girls let the boys outside and the girls inside the classroom.

-At the boys group-

"Nagisa, Nagisa! C'mon! Drink it!"-Okajima laughed like a pervert.

Nagisa rejected it again :"No no no! I don't drink!"

Maehara grabbed his shoulder:"Oh C'mon! One cup wouldn't kill ya! Plus, we are already 26!"

Nagisa sigh and grab a cup with a thought:

-Definitely,...they are drunk...-

He say:"Just this one!"

Isogai smiles:"Yea, go ahead"

But don't know what happened...He is drunk just after 5 minutes...

-At the girls group-

"Akari-chan!Admit it! What happened between you and Nagisa when you guys dated!"-Nakamura pouted.

Akari sweat dropped:"Sorry, Rio-chan...I don't think I will tell you..."

Kurahashi pouted:"Awww...I think we can make you tell us..."

Akari smiles:"Maybe later..."


-At the kids group-

"Keiichi-kun! Come over here!"-The girl with red hair said.

Keiichi smiles:"Did you find somethings? Ai-chan?"

"Onii-chan! Come with me!"-Haruna called her brother.

Keiichi ask, annoyed:"What?Why?"

Haruna reply:"Because I want!"

"NO! That is unreasonable!"-Keiichi complained.

"Haizz...Keiichi-kun! Haruna-chan! Stop fighting!"-Said Saki.

Both of them look at Saki...

Hell...How can they complained with their senior?

Saki is Sugino's and Kanzaki's son.

He is 5 years old...Just older than them 1 years old.


Haruna and Keiichi is twin.

That explained why they always fighting...

"This is suck"-Said the boy with grey hair.

"Huh? What's up, bro? Isn't you are Uncle Isogai's son? Guess you are Ito..."-Said Saki.

Haruna and Keiichi have a same though:

-Such a weird name...-

"Oi Saki! You dumbass! Let them fight! It is good!"-Ito complained.

Haruna, Keiichi and Ai sweat dropped at this...

What the heck...? Fighting is good?

Well...What did Isogai do to his son by the way?

"Haruna-chan! Keiichi-kun! Let's go home!"-Akari called her children.

"Ugh...Guys...Bye! See you in school!"- Keiichi said.

Saki and Ito sighed:"You are lucky, Saki/Ito"

And then they left.


Nagisa ask his children:"Do you guys have fun?"

Keiichi say:"Yes, Dad! We have funnnnn....!"

Akari say:"Okay? You guys will meet each other soon."

Haruna smiles:"Yea!"


(Guys, I will make a season 2 for this.Thanks for notice this story for a long time)

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