107 : How I Feel About Wattpad

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I love Wattpad. It's free, it's efficient and it's entertaining. I'm addicted to it and I sometimes go on in for 6 hours straight. I'm so addicted to it that my friends and siblings get annoyed with me for burying my head in my phone all the time. Wattpad contains a range of books from different Genres and is easy to use.

My only problem with Wattpad is that they don't give undiscovered authors a chance. Let's say the planet or plastic project for instance. Many people entered books for the contest. But they only considered books from Wattpad stars. I'm just saying, there are authors who have hidden gems hidden in the sand of Wattpad books. We just need to dig them out, brush them off and see just how precious they are. Wattpad shouldn't always just let the extremely popular books top the lists all the time. There are other books too. Which are sometimes even better. Every writer has potential, you just have to uncover it. Authors are diligently writing books, putting in time and effort. They deserve to be appreciated.

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