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Written by bnhaforthesoul on tumblr

Hickeys Part Two

Hanta Sero

"Sero, is this necessary!!" You whined struggling against the sticky strips that now covered most of your body.

"See, I told you my idea would work! I just had to catch you off guard" Sero shot you an "I told you so" look as he placed a piece of tape over your mouth.

"This is for earlier." He placed a kiss on your covered lips. His mouth trailed down to your neck. You squeezed your eyes tight. You wanted to moan out as his tongue massaged your flesh but the tape prevented you from doing so.

"You know, I kinda like you like this—" Sero's whispered into your ear. "You can't run away from me now..." His words caused something within you to stir. I was only running away because I wanted you to chase me.

Eijiro Kirishma

Kirishima caged you against the wall as soon as you closed the door to your dorm room. "That was a real low stunt you pulled earlier, Y/LN." He leaned in close to your face. "you know, aizawa made me run laps for being late." I

"Aha, Kiri—" Your hands fidgeted nervously at your sides. "Don't you like to exercise though?" You forced a smile at him hoping he would go easy on you.

"Mhm, you're right. I do. And you know what else I like?" He pressed his forehead against yours and stared deeply into your eyes. You shook your head.

He leaned down real close to your ear. His shallow breaths heated up your neck. He whispered in a deep, husky voice, "I like hearing you moan." He lips attacked your neck as yours had done to him earlier.

Tenya Iida

"Please Iida, I have to study..." you whimpered as Iida's lips left yours. Iida's long fingers tapped your thighs, "Oh, now that we're in this risqué predicament you want to study?"

Risqué was definitely a word for it. Iida had you up on a table in the back corner of the library. "If we get caught... it'll be super-duper embarrassing..." Your eyes darted around the book shelves.

"Bold of you to assume I care" Iida smirked as he used your line. "Also, don't you remember when everyone saw the giftyou left me? You don't think I wasn't embarrassed?"

You blushed, looking away from the boy, "Sorry?" Iida tilted your chin up so he could look into your eyes, "if you don't want to get caught, I suggest you cover your mouth." He hungrily bit at your neck. You immediately had to clamp your hand over your mouth to avoid moaning too loudly. He was going to be the death of you.

Izuku Midoriya

"Hey, babe." Izuku leaned up on the lockers next to yours. "Hey?" You replied slightly confused. You and Izuku weren't official so pet names weren't usually on the menu.

"Do you still have a date with that kid from 1-B tonight?" He asked casually ignoring the fact that you were confused. "Um, yeah? Why do you not want me to go or something?"

"Huh? Oh, I definitely want you to go have a good time but," he pushed you against the lockers, "there's something I need to do first." His soft lips pressed into your skin.

"Izuku, you ass," You gasped, "he'll see it."  Izuku pulled away from the skin he had begun to nibble on, "yeah, that's kinda the point. Uraraka saw mine... I don't think she was too happy about it. An eye for an eye, right?" He continued to suckle on your neck, "just tell him it's vampire season or something..."

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