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Me: hello And welcome or welcome back to TWDG truth or dareeee!
Clem: Man we are doing this again? Oh well it was a nice break while it lasted.
Me: it wasn't for me :):
Clem: Why?
Me: I'll talk later about it.
Clem: alright.
Everyone: ????
Me: I'm forcing Clem,Louis, and Vi to be in a relationship together!
Vi: *Spits out T E A*
Louis: It's fine with me.
Clem: okayy~
Me: So that means Vi and Louis will sit next to Clem!
*the two sit next to Clem holding both of her hands*
Me: Next dare !
Me: oH sHiT-
Vi: WhAt ?
Me: uH-I-Uh.. Can I quit the game?
Vi: oH so since you don't wanna play this must be good *smirks*
Vi: *takes the phone from deedee*
Vi: oH wOw.
Marlon: What's the dare???
Vi: Oof Omar has to kiss DeeDee  HAha
Omar: Uh
(Should this be a ship sisters? XD)
Louis: *laughing his ass off*
Me: WeLl SHit
Omar:*walks over to DeeDee*
*they kiss*
Louis: *Whistles*
Omar: *quickly sits back down*
Me: Don't make me smack you Louis
Louis: ShIt okay TheN.
Me: *sits down*
Me: Uh okay next dare! *Nervously laughs*
Me: This is for Clem and Louis!
Me: Louis has to climb a tree with Clem clinging to his back.
Clem: I swear if you drop me-
Vi: Then I'll catch you~
Clem: *Blushes* lets go.
Louis: Get on my back.
Clem: *gets on Louis* please don't fucking drop me
Louis: I'll try not to babe
Clem: oof
*they climb half way up the tree*
Clem: *Looks down* oh god..
Clem: *Clinging onto Louis for dear life*
*They get to the top*
Louis: *waving* Hey guys!
Clem: Louis can we please get down?
Louis: Of course
Clem: Louis come on.
Clem:*Slips on the tree* (don't ask how lmao)
Clem: AHHH!
Vi: CLEM!!
Vi: *Catches Clem* Oh thank god!
Vi: *kisses Clem then hugs her* Thank fucking god your okay!!
Louis: *Climbs down the tree* Clem!
Clem: *Blushes from Vi kissing her*
Louis: *Basically tackles Clem to the ground*
Clem:I'm alright Lou calm down.
*they stand back up*
Vi: Told you I'll catch you ;)
Clem: *kisses vi* Thanks babe :)
Me: Clem are you sure your all right?
Clem: Yep!
*the three sit back down*
Me: Well we will end it off here for now but we will be back! Bye guys
Vi: Don't forget the shout outs bitch
Me: oh right
And basically everyone else who commented on my last part of this :)

Hi I felt like this chapter was to short to ima put some bonus shit for ya

(Incorrect quotes)
Louis: Hey Vi Can I borrow a pencil?
Vi: Can I borrow a brick to throw at your head?
Vi: Louis you make me so angry so quickly it's remarkable.
Louis: I only said three words...
Vi: Yet here I am, boiling with hate.
Vi: Do you know why the chicken crossed the road?
Brody: I don't, Why?
Vi: To get to the idiots house. Knock knock.
Brody: Who's there?
Vi: ThE cHiCkEN
Brody: OkAy LiStEn HeRE yOU lIttlE sHIT-
Louis: Why do you always have to attack me with words?
Vi: Oh I'm sorry, Do you want me to use rocks instead?
Wake me up
Louis: Before you go-Go!
Violet: When September ends.
Violet: *Points to Marlon* I'd sell you to satan for one chicken nugget.
Gabe: So let me get this straight-
Clementine: More like let me run this bi you.
Louis: Lets just see how this pans out.
Omar: We should ace-ess the situation.
Violet: I'm gay.
Violet: His hair is ugly, it's like a dead cat.
Louis: And yours looks like uncooked spaghetti, but you don't hear me complain about it.
Marlon: I should've left you on that street corner where I found you.
Clementine: but ya didn't.
Marlon, as they leave to fight some walkers: *Shouting* LET'S GO LESBIANS! LET'S GO!!
Well just so you guys know I didn't come up with ANY of these

BYE SISTERS give me more daresss uwu 


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