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What babygirl doesn't know is that we actually flew to Texas because I'm going to surprise her .

I made a few calls and got Jodeci to perform for our anniversary. She's going to lose her shit . And hopefully I have the balls to propose to her tonight . I know it's a lot I'm doing, but hey it's for my babygirl.

"How are you feeling babygirl?" I checked up on her .

"I'm good now . It was just temporary." She hopped out of bed with a lot of energy.

"Also Happy anniversary." She walked over to me and gave me a kiss .

"Happy anniversary babygirl." I kissed her back .

"I'm sorry we can't go out today . But tomorrow I swear I'll clear my schedule." She caressed my face .

"Ok , but now you have to get ready the show begins in 3 hours . I already got you an outfit." I walked over to my suitcase and pulled out a red velvet dress. It's long sleeve and a deep v cut in the front . It's stunning . It will look better on her billion dollar body .

" August this dress is beautiful , but I don't think it's appropriate for the concert since I'm going to be jumping and running." She grazed over the dress.

"No it's a formal event your manager called earlier and told me .

"Oh ok , I just don't want to look dumb not being dressed for the part ." She chuckled.

"Well now you do . And you're going to look amazing." I pecked her lips .

"Honestly you have good taste . This dress is beautiful." She grazed over the material of it .

"Girl how do you think I look so fly everyday." I struck a pose showing my outfit.

"This is the perfect color . Christmas is literally in 4 days . Time is going by so fast ."She
sighed .

"Hey , were going to have another great Christmas together." I slowly leaned in for another kiss .

I can't wait for tonight.

3 hours later

Her hair was almost done her dress was on her heels were on . She was looking beautiful. All that was missing was a Santa hat which I had on deck . I walked over to her and placed it over her straightened hair.

"Perfect." I smiled softly as I looked at her standing there looking like a future wife . "Mrs.Alsina"

"Let me take a picture." I pulled out my phone and opened the camera.

She posed and i snapped the picture. It captured all of her beauty. Tonight has to be the night .

We took a couple pictures together and she took a few of me .

We were now on our way to the ball room I rented out for tonight . I called one of my guys to check if everything is perfect. I'm also going to surprise her by bringing out Tyler, she's always talking about how she hasn't seen him cause she's been so busy . And how she hasn't spoke to him because of past incidents that scared her . She has so much brotherly love I'm starting to get a little protective.

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