Chapter 12: Jacob's Amnesia

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The next morning Jacob woke up feeling well-rested but dazed like his whole mind had been wiped cleaned. He didn't know anything about who he was, where he came from, or why his brain felt so foggy.

Looking past the wooden bars of the crib, he admired the themed decorations in the room and noticed how the furniture appeared neat and pristine, almost brand-new. He appreciated the framed paintings of sea creatures that decorated the ivory-white walls. It seemed reasonable to him to assume the owners of this house had to be well-off.

Staring at the surprisingly soothing mobile above the crib, he hoped some information about himself would come back to him. For whatever reason, he still had access to his knowledge of trivial things. He could easily distinguish between the different species of the fish rotating above him, but all of the more important details were gone. One particular question tormented him in his mind above all the others.

Why can't I remember my name?

As part of her daily routine, Angelique went to the nursery to give Jacob his early-morning diaper change, and when she peered into the crib, she was surprised that he was fully awake.

"Wow, someone is up quite early this morning," she commented pleasantly, lifting him out of the crib and placing him on the changing table.

Deep in thought, Jacob didn't reply. He simply looked at her with a blank expression on his face.

"How do you feel this morning, Jacob?" she asked as she pulled down his pants and removed his diaper.

Jacob...Oh, yeah. That's my name. I'm Jacob.

Jacob furrowed his brows, staring at the unfamiliar woman. "Miss, what happened. I don't...I don't remember anything," he admitted, scratching his head.

"We had to take you to the hospital yesterday, and they performed a procedure. The doctor told us that memory loss is a normal side effect, but it should all come back to you before the end of the day," she informed him, pulling his pants back up.

"What was the procedure for?"

"You were having some really terrible migraines. Does your head feel better now?"

"Yeah, I think so. I'm not in any pain."

"That's good. Well, let's get some breakfast in you. I'm sure you're starving. It's been a while since you last ate," she proposed, stooping down to put the powder and wipes back under the changing table.

"Okay," Jacob agreed and held his arms up, waiting for her to pick him up.

Angelique hesitated for a moment when she faced the little boy compliantly raising his arms in the air. It was odd to her how frequently he shifted between blatant defiance and amiable acquiescence. Knowing it wouldn't last, she settled on enjoying the little boy's placidity while she could and picked him up.

She carried him downstairs, and when they made it to the kitchen, she placed Jacob in the high chair.

"I'll get you something to drink while I work on breakfast," Angelique said turning and walking to the fridge.

He watched as the mysterious woman filled a sippy cup with milk and deposited it in the bottle warmer. When the light went off, she tested it in her hands before stepping over and handing him the cup.

He took it from her and began drinking the milk, puzzled by how her pleased expression unsettled him.

Quenching his thirst, his attention was fixated on the mysterious woman as she gathered the ingredients to prepare breakfast. She moved so fast, chopping fruits and pulling items from the fridge periodically.

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