17 - Catch Me If You Can

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The Elven Keep - Elvedon

Macabre, head of the Harbingers of Serenity stood before the Elgars in the golden Elvendon with the most devastating news. The Oriental's wake had destroyed the Crystal of Fer. The source of Elvish powers was gone and they could not put their cloak back without it, especially one powerful enough to ward off the evils about the city.

Owen rose from the gold embellished throne and walked around it to the clearing behind both thrones, where the banners of the Elves and house of Elgar stood. Miera turned to observe him on her sapphire adorned throne. He whipped the train of his royal ceremonial robe as he turned to face Macabre.

"Have the guards clear the streets and recall the elves to the keep. They shall all proceed to the caves until we can fix the cloak," Owen instructed.

Macabre nodded to him and took his leave. Miera turned to him almost immediately and he shook his head, his long brown hair fastened in place by the golden forehead crown shaped like leaves falling off a tree.

"We are not joining the rest in the Lycan settlement, Miera."

"How long are we going to hide out in the caves Owen? We need to band together, it's the only way we will win this war."

Win the war? What was she, out of her mind? They already lost, they needed to find a way to make sure evil didn't spread past Rebrook.

Owen paced about behind her and she watched in expectation. He had the frown on his brows, the one he got when he was lost in thoughts and frustrated. First, they needed to rid the city of the white witch causing all this trouble, it was the only way. He noticed as Miera rose and turned to face her. She went to him and held his arm. He hated to admit that she was right.

"If you allow me, I will mediate with the council and get our people on the way to the Accord. We need to do this or we will lose all we have left."

He sighed in defeat. She was right as she mostly was. The caves were not large to protect all of them. He walked out of the throne room to the balcony overlooking the Silken Viel waterfall. The blessed water rushed off the cliff like a harlot's desire. Elvedon would fall and so would the beauty of a kingdom that took almost all of the Fer's power to create.


Meira called out a warning but he saw it way before she did. Blue lightning strings formed in his palms and wrapped around his arms like whips. He flung them at the demon and it shrieked as it tried to get away. The ball of fire flew right past his ear and vanquished the demon on impact. Owen turned in time to see the pyro dissolve from Meira's hands.

"Have the Harbingers create a portal to the Accord. We will not lead the people past the city, it is already lost." Miera smiled at him. "And have the pieces of the Fer sent to me, I will try to restore it once we are in the Accord," Owen added and walked out of the Elvendon.

 "And have the pieces of the Fer sent to me, I will try to restore it once we are in the Accord," Owen added and walked out of the Elvendon

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The Accord of Harmony - Lycan Settlement

Mason and his league of firsts met the visitors by the bridge separating the Lycan settlement from the rest of Rebrook. There was a large number of mundanes on the other side of the bridge, guarded by an army of watchers.

His eyes immediately went to the commander of the watchers standing there beside Martha, the circle and the council on their side of the bridge, just outside of the white shield protecting the Lycan settlement.

"Somehow the Lycan settlement is now being called an accord," Mason said to Martha with a smile. The vampire queen would not come to him if she could help it. "How is that?"

"It is the only protected settlement that remains within the city's dome," Norvick replied. "Passage into your camp is all we ask." Mason eyed the gargoyle commander quietly. They had met once before, right after Agrillon fell. The light from the cloak was still as illuminating as it was when it formed hours ago and standing so close to it made his irises burn as they adjusted to the brightness.

"We only have room enough for the mundanes. Mystics will have to fend for themselves," Mason replied. "Surely you and your army can see to that Norvick." The council and the rest of them shifted uncomfortably.

His eyes darted to Martha yet again and the hate in her eyes was hard to miss. The enmity between Agrillon and vampires carried till date. They were the vampire's very own horror story and Martha seemed to have forgotten she and her kind went looking for trouble when they attempted to steal the Lycan Stone.

"Your diviner can extend the cloak," Rafael suggested quietly from his commander's side.

Mason's brows arched in question. His diviner? She was hardly his. Amelia had slipped out of his chambers right after he'd revealed she could very well be a Diviner. She took flight moments after ... he cleared his mind of the thoughts and worries that plagued him. Amelia was out there amidst the evils alone and it scared him. A diviner or not, she did not understand her powers yet.

"Help the mundanes get settled in," Mason ordered the first generation Lycans with him. They nodded and started across the bridge. Aaron and Aiden remained with their alpha. "Have the elves protect the mystic. I've done what I can," Mason added to Norvick.

"I'm afraid we cannot help," Meira responded from amongst them.

It was then he noticed the high elvish princess by Layla. She was exquisite. Her whitish blonde hair was held back in a tight ponytail and a beautiful golden feathered crown adorned her head. Her eyes seemed to sparkle from the light reflecting off the shield and they were mesmerizing.

"Mason." She greeted with a smile. He tipped his head in a respectful bow as his eyes assessed her some more. "The diviner's wake destroyed our cloak as well, all that remains is your haven."

"It is why it became an accord, Cozzain," Martha said through clenched teeth. "We would not come to you if we had an alternative."

"As it should be," Mason returned.

"We have the Druids," Sarah murmured. The little gathering eyed her.

Norvick walked through the shield to Mason. "Your mate, I do not sense her within the camp, where is she?" he questioned. Mason stepped around him to Steven Croft.

"Where is the infamous Ian Croft?" he asked. That was the one Croft he could stand, the one who could help him find Amelia now. He was usually chair of movements like these for the council, that he wasn't here now, especially when it was a chance to be with Amelia, was suspicious. 

"With the druids. They have him," Sarah responded. Mason turned to the stubborn Croft. "He is indisposed right now. What is it you need him for?"

"I'm sorry mate?" Martha asked Norvick as the reality of his words sunk. The Lycans like them couldn't mate with earthlings. "The otherworlders aren't fortunate to mate with earthlings commander. What mate do you speak of?"

It was then Mason turned to the fourth generation celestial. He'd implied that he was mated and not once in his long existence had he mated with any female. The kind of mates the Lycans took were worlds away and near extinct, breeding for them was impossible right now.

"Sapphire," Norvick answered. "Her light is about you greatly. You took the purity of a diviner Cozzain, now she's one with you throughout time." He revealed.

Mason's lips curved in a smile, he didn't care that the moron put his personal life out on display, what worried him was Amelia. She was out of his sight and he had no inkling as to where she might have gone. He shot Norvick a murderous glare.

"You're mistaken," he said to the commander. "The mundanes will be taken care of. After they are settled, whatever room we can spare is yours, until then stay the hell out of my accord," Mason said and headed back towards the alpha's place centred in the middle of the settlement.

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