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Shouto's life has become strangely domestic after meeting one Katsuki Bakugou. He's almost become addicted to early mornings, where Katsuki reaches out and parts his hair softly before murmuring a soft, "fuck you, you goddamn angel," and getting on with his day like he hadn't made Shouto blush like the lovestruck moron he is.

Living his days now, he wonders if his younger self would be proud. Every hour spent with the people he loves, no second spent thinking about the bad days (and when the bad days happen, Bakugou's always there) and Shouto is strangely okay.

He thinks that perhaps he likes being okay.


The smell of fried eggs fills the air, the sizzling sounds accompanied with Bakugou's light singing reaching his ears. Todoroki opens his eyes and stretches, suddenly very grateful that they were allowed to choose roommates or he would probably be dead from starvation. "I could get used to this," he whispers to himself.

"Well you'd better not get used to lying on the bed for hours like a fucking idiot; you have class in less than an hour and knowing you, you don't know how to put your pants on." The ashy blond pokes his head through the doorway, waving a spatula in his hand like a flyswatter. And oh, he's wearing Shouto's oversized hoodie and he just wants to take his boyfriend and squish him to death. Preferably with his thighs.

"You look like a concerned mother hen crossed with an angry Pomeranian," Todoroki says instead, because he is an emotionally constipated bitch and failed english in second grade. He also gracefully chooses not to respond to the 'you-have-class-hurry-up' comment in favor of insulting his loved one.

"What the fuck? You absolute rotten himbo looking bitch slut excuse of a fried yankee doodle donkey," That has got to be the most creative insult Shouto has heard all year; he doesn't complain, though. Unperturbed, Katsuki continues, "don't you dare insult me. All that sleep must be getting to that hollow head of yours. Get up and eat your fried eggs with your lovely ass boyfriend." Katsuki scoffs, sending the mismatched eyed boy a middle finger.

"Alright, alright, I'm getting up, kitten," Shouto says, smiling playfully as Bakugou's face heats up from the pet name, "don't get your 'lovely ass' all in a knot."

Todoroki gives it about three seconds, max, until Bakugou explodes into a giant fit of pathetic gay while he himself watches passively. And if he's taking a video to show off his boyfriend later on at lunch while Katsuki is busy glaring at a pile of fried eggs then, well, that's for only him to know.


If you told high school Shouto that five years later he would be in a happy relationship with Bakugou, he would probably freeze your toes. And also ask how you got into his house. And then ask if you want soba, because he was lonely with no friends outside of the random spider beside his bed.

Point is, Todoroki is in no way supposed to be with Bakugou, yet here they are, the most chaotic duo of boyfriends anyone has ever encountered.

"You guys were already a chaotic duo of boyfriends," Sero says in response to Shouto voicing his thoughts out loud. "It's just that Bakubabe was an ass and didn't realize he was head-over-heels in love with you."

"He's right," Shinsou drawls, "although you were just as bad. Don't think anyone forgot about the time you froze three fucking classrooms because Katsuki laughed and then blamed it on Jirou."

Shouto mentally slaps his younger self. "I was not the best at this whole 'feelings' thi—"

"You still aren't," Sero interjects. Hitoshi bobs his head in agreement.

"As I was saying," Todoroki emphasizes, pointedly shooting a glare towards his sad excuse of friends, "I wasn't good at expressing my emotions and god knows he wasn't either."

"That's the understatement of the century." Upon saying this, Shinsou smirks at Hanta and they exchange sloppy finger guns.

"Guys I am having a crisis over how we are even a thing and you guys are just being gay and depressed like usual. Please help." Todoroki deadpans, putting his most blank face on as he stares at his companions.

"Okay boomer, don't get your panties all in a twist." Hitoshi replies. "I mean, if you really want to know, when did it even begin?"


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