Daughter of a Baker (Poly!HeathersxReader)

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Y/n's POV

(Wild West AU!)

The sun is going to sleep as dusk climbs the horizon. The world turns dark and cold, as everyone readies for tomorrow's painful labors. Everyone, since the dawn of time, has been forced to work in these treacherous lands, whether it be a miner for the McNamara's, or a police officer that works themselves to death. We all wish that life could be easier, really, we do. But we must do our jobs to survive in this economy.

However, this can be quite difficult, as an infamous gang of bandits, called the Heathers, destroy everything in their wake. They pillage our banks, slaughter livestock, and kidnap people, then kill them. But they are too quick for any of our officers. I'm afraid that our town of Sherwood is next on the list.

Here I am, a famous baker's daughter, complaining about how this town is next to being destroyed. I should be enjoying life to the fullest with all the money that my parents make. I just want to settle down somewhere in a cabin, far away from here, maybe have a few kids too. Of course, there's a catch, I'm a lesbian, meaning I can't have kids naturally, I'd have to adopt.

"Ma, pa, I'm going to the store to get some more bread and potatoes!" I said

"Alright now, Y/n, remember to stay safe, it's dark, and the Heathers might be around!" Pa exclaimed before I rushed out the door

"Okay, I will, love you too, Y/n!" Ma sighed

Now, I'm going to the market at night to get some basic supplies. I do have to be aware of the Heathers, they are bandits with no mercy. As I tread down the dirt road, I notice the stores are closed earlier than usual. Something's wrong. There are bullet holes in the front of each store. The Heathers are nearby. That's when a feel an iron barrel pins itself against the back of my head.

"Don't move!" A thick Asian accent brushed my ear

"You will do as we say, and no one will get hurt!" A chipper, sadistic voice echoed through the wind

"Be ours, we do need someone else to love, it gets lonely with just the three of us!" A deep feminine voice whispered seductively

A sack was tossed over my head, and I blacked out. I don't know where I'm heading at this point. I mean, I'm being kidnapped by the Heathers, and I'm excited, is that weird?

My head feels heavy, my vision is blurry, and my ears are ringing. I try moving my arms and legs in this uncomfortable wagon, but I think another pair of limbs collide with mine. It's somewhat apparent who's they are, but there's a sneaking suspicion that it's Heather Chandler's, due to their extended length. I hear her sexually moan as I try to move my right hand and I feel my fingers intertwined in her juices, while they writhe longingly.

"Fuck! Y/n, don't stop!" Chandler moaned as she climaxed over my fingers.

I comply and keep running my fingers in and out of her tight hole as she lets out a long, satisfied moan while falling asleep in the crook of my right arm. Heather Duke apparently watched us, along with McNamara, and they both nodded in agreement.

"So, you want some later, Y/n?" Duke asked me with a sparkle in her eyes

"Y-yeah, that would be nice!" I quivered

"Good, all signed and sealed!" Mac blurted

"Mhm, she's so good with those heavenly fingers!" Chandler groaned, as she slowly fell back asleep.

"We shall see," Duke reassured, "Say, won't you miss your ma and pa?"

"Yeah, but, I'm tired of living in a small town, I think it's about time I explored the world!"

"How did you know about us besides the wanted posters?" Mac wondered

"By masturbating to your wanted posters!" I confessed

"Oh, okay! That's hot!" Chandler snored

"So, do you want to have some more fun now?" Duke purred into my ear

"Yeah, I don't want to wake Chandler, so, you better be quiet, cowgirl!" I tease

Ever since that day, no one bothered to look for me. But I'm living under a roof with three misfits, who are all equally beautiful. Along with our travels, we encountered a young rancher named Veronica. We took her in and made her our personal chef. She seems to enjoy herself, especially with Chandler, who drags her into our orgies. Overall, we manage to always love one another regardless, nothing can separate us, ever!

I hope you enjoyed!



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