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*this introduction is not part of the book, just an additional info ^^


I would like to briefly explain the name of this work for the readers to have a better understanding of it as this title does not literally mean 'Kill the Wolf', but has a deeper meaning.

Sha Po Lang is a type of Ziwei - a form of Chinese ancient fortune-telling to indicate each individual's ming gong <命宫> - a special term that determines the "spirit", "willpower", "personality" and "emotions" inside each person. It is much more complicated than that but for this post, I'm only going to explain some of the very basic traits that are related to our story.

In Ziwei numerology, Qi Sha <七杀>, Tan Lang <贪狼>, Po Jun <破军> are the three stars/ming gong that make up the 'fortune' or 'fate' that is called Sha Po Lang <杀破狼>.

Sha Po Lang represents turmoil and changes. Individuals with the Sha Po Lang ming gong are fated to be a drifter, life can swiftly change, although facing many ups and downs, they bear the potential to be heroic and become renowned. More than half of the Generals from ancient times who spent their lives on the battlefield bear this ming gong.

As we move forward in the story, we will be able to see very clearly that our two main characters' personalities and their purpose were written and built based on these traits.

Below are the advantages and info for the personality traits of each star:


Qi Sha: Good at communicating, rebellious, breaking through the status quo, dares to be bold, sharp-minded, likes to be independent, strong-minded, do things simply and decisively, won't be tainted, bold, upright and selfless, self-motivated.

Strategic and possesses very good leadership skills. The success or failure of a lifetime often comes unpredictably, must survive through hardships in their youth before they could reach success.


Po Jun: Intelligent, hardworking, rarely want to sit still, eager to win, arrogant, adventurous, loves arts, quick to respond. Skilled in leadership, heroic.

Because of its tremendous destructive power, it is especially talented to serve as a spearhead. They are the so-called striker, the vanguard on the forefront of the battlefield, and the change seekers in their career.

In the case of combining two stars together, their personalities traits can have some slight changes:

Ziwei and Po Jun: Kind and powerful. Have the courage to undertake responsibilities.
Wu Qu and Po Jun: have a clear distinction between love and hate. Completely resolute.
Lian Zhan and Po Jun: have a clear distinction between right and wrong, unafraid of difficulties.


Tan Lang: Multi-talented, versatile and dexterous, keen and sharp, sociable and humorous, resourceful, ambitious, often supportive of the opposite sex, romantic, can show signs of arrogance at times.

Favors arts, music and such.

Tan Lang's main blessing is "peach blossom" - refer to individuals with a favorable path in romance and can be flirtatious.

In case of combining stars:

Lian Zhen and Tan Lang: smart and knowledgeable.
Zi Wei and Tan Lang: graceful and elegant, lively and cheerful.
Wu Qu and Tan Lang: creative and possess a unique style.

Some disadvantages for this star:

When in an unfavorable position, this star can create disadvantageous traits. Individuals under this position will be lonesome, would not get along with family members or relatives, would indulge in entertainment activities, would loiter and idle about.

< some pieces of information were obtained and translated from Baike Baidu >


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