All Those Years Ago

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Your Mom POV

Me "Honey, you better come look at this!"

Dad "What is it?"

T.V. "Russia, has declared war on the U.S. and already multiple country's have been hit with nuclear weapons. If there is a vault near you, we advise you head there immediately. This will be out last broadcast above ground. God bless you, your family's, and may god bless..........the united states of america. be safe all."

Suddenly, sirens started going off.

Me "Y/n!"

I ran into Y/n's room to see him playing with his baby brother.

Yeah mom? (You talking)

Me "Cmon, we got to go."

I grabbed our infant son and got ready to leave. Y/n followed along side me.

( Just act like a 10 year old you is running nearby the mom. )

We got inside the vault and changed into the vault suit that we were given. I held shuan and Y/n got in the pod next to his dad.

Dad, I'm scared.

Dad "I know buddy, but were gonna be alright. I promise."

The pods closed and next thing i knew it was getting really cold. I held onto shuan tightly as numb feelings, and the dark over took my body.

*the events of fallout 4 happen.*


You wake up to see nobody around, you push open your pod to see all the other pods are still occupied, but nobody's getting out. You check one person to see that he's dead. You saw a computer at the end of the room and checked it.

Computer "Zero life signs detected, none remaining in this vault is alive."

What? No that's impossible.

You went through the vault and on your way you saw a mirror. You looked in it to see that your taller then before. You look to see you've grown to be about 4 foot 2 compared to your original height of 3 foot 6.

Was that some sort of stasis pod?

You see a gun and a couple bullet's nearby.

A 10mm handgun?

You pick it up and check the clip. The clip is full and can fire about 12 shots.

So i have 18 rounds, better keep it on me for safety.

You then hear some sort of chirp noise. You look and see what looks like a giant cockroach on the other side of the room.

What the hell?

It see's you and starts charging at you. Out of fear you aimed the gun and pulled the trigger, it had more kick then you thought but you still landed it in it's head. When the bullet hit it's head it exploded.

Well, looks like having dad teach me how to shoot behind moms back was a good thing.

You walked throughout the vault until you entered what looked like the science and medical wing. You found some weird computer and some instructions next to it. You read through them and learned it was called a 'Pip Boy'.

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