Twenty-One; Never Alone

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People, I just saw the rankings and votes and reads and HOLY SHIT. People actually like this! For real though, you totally just blew my mind. I love ya'll. OVER 1K READS?! HOWWWWW?!

Back to your story now babes because you totally disserve it!

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Back to your story now babes because you totally disserve it!

When we got home, Mommy carried the bags inside, holding my hand, and I carried Grinchy. He is going to be my new best friend! Nobody can touch my Grinchy except mommy because all of my stuff is mommy's stuff too. I ran and tucked him in on mommy's bed. I hummed him a song until he fell asleep. Right after he went to sleep, mommy came in.

"Sophie, bath time, now." She picked me up.

"Shh. Grinchy is sleeping!" I whisper-shouted at her. She mouthed the words 'oh sorry.' and we both smiled. When we got to the bathroom she sat me down in the floor.

"Arms up." I did as told and she pulled my shirt off me. Next to go were my pants and diapee. She unclipped my bra, and I giggled as mommy sat me in the warm water. The bubbles came up to the middle of my tummy, and I instinctively made a beard out of the fluffy white soap.

"Silly girl. Head back." She used a cup to pour water into my hair. A sweet but clean scent was massaged into my scalp then rinsed off, but the smell lingered. She passed a soapy washcloth around my body. I giggled when it passed ticklish spots. After she rinsed me off she wrapped me up in a fluffy towel and carried me to her bedroom. After gently drying my body, she put me in a fresh diapee and carried me to the kitchen.

"Well, princess, I guess it is getting kinda late to go to the store. Do you want me to just order a pizza and we can go to the store tomorrow?" I nodded, getting sleepy. She kissed my forehead and clipped me into the high chair. I saw her dial the number before I fell asleep, dreaming of my perfect, beautiful mommy.


I woke up back on mommy's bed, and she was standing over me, smiling kindly. It took me a second to realize that I had pottied in my diaper. Not just peepee either. I started to cry roughly and cover my face.

"Hey, hey, no, it's okay. Princess, that's good. Baby, you did amazing." She picked me up and rocked me, gently.

"Babygirl, I wanted you to be able to go on your own. That was so good. Why are you crying? It's normal, angel." I shook my head.

"Sweetheart, relax, and I will get you all cleaned up. You are okay." She tried to pull my hands away from my face.

"Angel, look at me." I did as told. "Do I scare you? Do you not trust me?" I let my hands fall, shocked by her questions.

"What?" She kissed me gently.

"I promise to take care of you forever. I promise that I won't ever let anybody judge you. I promise that you won't be alone. You won't be in trouble for anything that is natural and healthy. I am going to change your diapee, and you don't have to worry about anything. Okay?" I nodded, and she kissed my forehead gently.

"Good girl." She put me back on the bed and quickly changed my diaper.

"Now, let's go eat our pizza before it gets cold." I giggled and she carried me back to the kitchen.


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