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A/N: Ah sO I haven't planned this out far enough but I don't know if I should go with an anGsty ending (Joyrene) whIch will have a second book or happy ending (Seulrene). No second book but a bonus.

Despite the pain Joohyun managed to get out of the bathroom. She glanced at drunk passed out Sooyoung and ran outside to wait for Seulgi.

Joohyun saw a car pull up and limped over to it , seeing Seulgi's friendly face. She got inside.

"Are you okay?"Seulgi asked, noticing the tears and how Joohyun moved.

"Don't ask, please,"Joohyun mumbled. Seulgi nodded and continued to drive. Even though Joohyun had only known Seulgi for a few days. She felt an immense connection to her. Seulgi was caring and selfless and when they hung out (Hang outs aren't in the book) she was always caring.

"You wanna stay at my house? I don't think my roommates will mind,"Joohyun looked over and smiled softly.

"You don't have to,"Joohyun mumbled. Seulgi shook her head.

"Why wouldn't I?"Seulgi asked. Joohyun was going to respond but didn't know how to. Even herself wouldn't be this selfless. She was somebody that thought about helping people before doing it but Seulgi didn't have to.

"You are too nice,"Joohyun whispered.

They finales reached Seulgi's apartment. Joohyun still in pain. Seulgi opened the door and placed Joohyun on the couch before looking up.

"tAeHyuNg jImIn! I have a guest so stop fucking!"Seulgi yelled. Joohyun looked up at her and giggled despite the pain.

A boy with blondish hair popped out from nowhere. Another boy with brown hair came from behind him who was quite taller than the other.

"Fuck Seulgi you are too loud. Don't be salty you are always the third wheel,"The boy with brown hair smirked. The other boy giggled and lightly punched the other one in the arm.

"Taehyung. Shut the fuck up, I have a guest over. That goes for you too Jimin,"Seulgi groaned. Joohyun shyly waves getting up in agony.

"Are you hurt? Lie down for a bit lemme get something!"Jimin squeaked. He came back later with a bag of frozen peas. Taehyung also came back with a pint of ice cream and a spoon. Joohyun smiled.

"Ah thank you...,"Joohyun said softly while taking them.

"Tell is if you need anything okay?"Jimin said. He waved and him and Taehyung walked back to their room.

Joohyun broke down in tears as soon as they left.

"Why is everybody so kind? Why can't Sooyoung be this kind?"Joohyun cried, leaning her head on Seulgi's shoulder. Seulgi turned a light pink  and sighed.

"Some people are retards, maybe they can change. It's not always easy though,"Seulgi sighed. "So, not to be weird or anything but can you lift up you shirt just to your naval?"

Joohyun looked at her confused and lifted it up slowly but only showed her stomach. Seulgi looked and saw bruises covering her pale porcelain skin.

Seulgi bit her lip.

What the hell? What type of person does this?

"Let's go to my room,"Seulgi sighed. She helped Joohyun up and to the her bedroom.

Seulgi sat Joohyun down on the bed and got an oversized sweater and shorts from her dresser. "Change into this, I won't look,"Seulgi turned around and covered her eyes.

Joohyun speedily changed and lied down.

"Ah I'm done,"She spoke. Seulgi turned around and placed the peas on the fresh bruise.

"Okay you sleep here okay? I'll sleep on the couch!"Seulgi told her, giving her an eye smile. Joohyun sniffled and grabbed her arm.

"Please don't go. I..I feel unsafe when I'm alone. Please sleep with me,"Joohyun mumbled, her cheeks turning red from embarrassment. Seulgi turned a bright red but nodded and laid next to Joohyun smiling.
They quickly fell asleep under the moons light.

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