Calm The Fire: 124

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Walking into the tent, Náriel the door shut behind her and walked slowly over to the bed. Sitting on the edge she frowned lightly. Thorin remained motionless. Reaching out she put a hand to his forehead and looked up at the ceiling, she looked over her shoulder when she heard footsteps.

Turning she looked to Bilbo. He looked a little surprised yet patted his sides and walked over and stood by her side. “Thought I’d find you here.”

“Am I needed?” Náriel asked while retracting her hand. She was content to know that Thorin was feeling warmer than he previously did when she last saw him.

“No, no you're not just...”

“My uncle sent you to find me, didn't he?” Náriel looked up at Bilbo with a smile.

Bilbo in return wrung his hands and gave a quick nod. “He came to the tent looking for you, seeing just me he seemed what's the word I’m looking for?”

“Concerned? Worried? Disheartened? How about confused?”

“Perhaps all of those.” Bilbo said shortly.

Náriel smiled, “Don't take it personally, Bilbo. Your company is actually very comforting. Just, not to my uncle.”

“He's worried you're not resting enough.”

“And I would be right if you are to spend your every waking hour by his bedside.” Thranduil had lifted the tent door up and peeked into the dimly lit space. He looked from Náriel to Bilbo and then back again.

Náriel hung her head and slowly stood up. Bilbo steadied her with his arm around her and carefully led her away from the bed. She looked up at Thranduil when they drew close though.

“Do not look at me like that. How are you expected to rest when you're going to sit and fret?” He questioned while stepping beside the two of them and walking back towards the tent that they shared.

“I can sit and rest.”

“It's not the same and you know it.” Thranduil said while looking up at the sky with his arms crossed behind his back. Náriel went to reply only to have a look cast down at her which made her think otherwise. Staying silent she let Bilbo lead her into the tent and help her to sit down before awkwardly stepping back and away from Thranduil.

“I was just checking...” Náriel said while laying down and getting comfortable.

Thranduil frowned lightly and sat down on the edge of her bed. “When and if he awakes, I am more than sure you shall be the first to be alerted. But until that time comes, stay and rest.”

“But it's boring in this tent.” Náriel said while shutting her eyes and then looking to Bilbo. “No offence, my friend.”

“None taken,” he waved a hand at her while awkwardly coughing and giving a slow nod.

Thranduil looked at Bilbo with a sidewards look before rolling his eyes back down at Náriel. She smiled lightly and shut her eyes. “Fine, I shall stay and rest.” She said while cracking an eye open a fraction and looking up at him.

“Good,” patting her hands gently he stood and inclined his head at Bilbo. “Make sure she does, I do not wish to see her up and about again. Not when she herself has injuries that need healing.” Bilbo merely looked up at Thranduil with wide eyes, he swallowed heavily and nodded uncertainly. It was hard to tell whether Thranduil's words were a warning, or an order, or something else entirely.

Looking to Náriel when she started laughing, Bilbo shot her a look. Thranduil was out of their tent now so he was rather sure he wouldn't get a look cast at him for playfully glaring at her. “Sorry!” Náriel exclaimed and propped herself up onto her elbows. “Just, I think you've been made my official carer for the time being.”

“Is that what you see it as? I saw it as your uncle firmly ordering me about.”

“Oh you not like receiving orders from the Elvenking? Perhaps you should go and inform him?” Náriel sniggered and laughed again when Bilbo just pointed a finger at her with full intention of being serious only to let out a heavy sigh and for his shoulders to sag and for him to shake his head slowly. “Sit, Bilbo, you standing there is making me feel awkward.” Náriel smiled and pushed herself to sit. Looking at him as she did so she nodded slowly. “Tell me, how did the battle end?”

Bilbo looked at her firmly, “You wish to know?” He asked while sitting down on his bed and swinging his legs simply over the edge.

“I wouldn't ask otherwise.” Náriel crossed her arms loosely.

Bilbo nodded slowly and recollected his memories of it. “When Beorn took you and Thorin away, he returned. And it seemed that with his return he also came with a new renewed strength and anger. You should have seen him, Náriel...if I were on the opposite side I’d have been terrified. Truth be told, I was still a little concerned.” Bilbo admitted. Beorn in bear form was a force to truly be reckoned with. “He scattered the Wargs, took a few down as he went. When they realized they couldn't beat him they turned and fled. What Orcs and Goblins remained tried to fight back, but I think they knew they were beat. They fled too. Many were chased as far as the Running River, they either drowned or tried to swim or got cut down before they even made it. I’m not sure what happened but Thranduil sent some of the Elves back to Mirkwood. Something about marshes...”

Náriel perked up. “If the force got scattered, they'd be pushed against the Forest River. With that comes marshes, luckily you never saw those marshes when you all travelled through.” She sighed and ran a hand through her hair. She winced at the tangles yet nodded at him. “That's how victory came about, hm?”

“Yes...pretty much.” Bilbo nodded and looked to her.

Rubbing her eyes she smiled and laid down. “I am happy to see you got through it.” She said quietly while reaching up and holding onto her pillow. Shutting her eyes she was just aware of Bilbo laying down to rest too before falling asleep.


(A/N: May be a lil shorter than previous chapters, and slightly uneventful. I blame this on one: drawing all day. And two: Hand cramp. Seriously, drawing - as much as I love it - is a cruel living to have. My hand, is cramping....moving on. Right, I have to admit I may be partially scheming up something for Beorn, those who care to read welcome! Those who don't, meh, well, have fun with this piece of useless information! Thanks and bye xD)

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