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The moans and groans filled the room. It was a simple act that a woman and a man would fulfill when they felt like it. They worked to please each other on some occasions but on most, they worked to please only themselves. That was how meaningless sex worked. It was just sex.

I sat in this closet having to listen to the noises. It was no fun. It was a very awful experience and I couldn't leave because she would see me. I was still working on the ability to only show myself to certain people. Most people would wonder why an angel was coming from some guy's closet. Especially if that guy was known for all the bad choices he made.

I waited until the noises stopped. After that, it was just heavy breathing. I heard some other noises and the sounds of clothes moving. I heard buckles as if the belts were going back on the pants. I hoped it was finally over. For the past week, it had been nothing but this. I was stuck in this closet while he did that thing with women. I wasn't exactly new to hearing two people going at it like rabbits.

I waited there until Ayden opened it. "She's gone. You have serious restraint to listen to that all week."

I got up and left the closet. He had been doing this on purpose to teach me that he was not going to change. But I didn't give up so easily.

Ayden stopped walking away and looked at me. "It's almost as if you have restraint because you're used to it." I knew what he was trying to do. He was intending on finding out who I was just because he thought he was right about my past life. He wasn't right. My past life had to stay where it was.

I followed him when he started walking again, realizing I wasn't going to answer him. "A piece of you went with her. You know that, right?"

"I know. We did just have sex and orgasm inside each other. At least I did in her." He smirked as my face became an expression of discomfort.

"What I really mean is that when you have sex, you attach yourself emotionally to that person. It subconsciously happens. We are creatures like that. Well, humans. You can try to separate your emotions from sex, but it's not good. We were made for one person, and sex is made for two people to connect on multiple levels and deepen that connection. You b-"

He put his finger to my lips. "I did not ask for an abstinence lesson."

I nodded my head slightly and he put his finger down. He was a challenge, but I was taking my baby steps with him. I was trying to get somewhere and that was going to take a lot of time.

He looked at me. "Alright, so as you know, Halloween is coming up. That means I'm going to be going to a party. That means I will be going to have sex and drink and party. I advise you not to come. Are we clear?"

I nodded. I wasn't too interested in Halloween or a party. But maybe I might sneak in later on. I had to keep my eye on him. Bad stuff could happen at those things.

He went to his kitchen and put together a sloppy sandwich. I looked at his gross mannerisms as he practically shoved the sandwich down his throat. "Here, let me make you proper food." I grabbed some of the ingredients.

He looked at me with his mouth full but speaking anyway. "You cook, too? Did you die in the fifties?"

"I'm not going to answer that. It's not cooking. It's just making a sandwich. A real sandwich." I was going to be nice to him. That would be part of my tactics. I had to be nice to him and show him that he was a person of value. Someone turned him into who he was by being rude and not caring. I had to reverse that, so I would do the opposite of what they did.

He snickered. "You are from the fifties. I would have guess seventies, but women weren't too eager to make a guy a sandwich then."

I just gave a small smile. He was talking and it wasn't an insult or question. That was a start. I toasted the bread and put a good amount of mayo on the bread following. I put on some cheese, meat, and lettuce. I added tomatoes for him. I never did like tomatoes.

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