Chapter 29

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I walked away from Clary. I can't see her acting like a slut with a fucking demon. You are just jealous reminded my subconscious me and I mentally rolled my eyes at myself. Hell no. Me? Alec Lightwood and jealous? Hell no.

"Alec!" Jace shouted. I turned back and I saw him pointing at the same girls we were standing with. They were demons and we were trying to get answers out of them about Agramon but they were just acknowledging the fact about Agramon. The lights in the club were dimmed and it was the most annoying thing ever. Why would be people want to come here to just get drunk and dance with people they do not know. Mundanes were so freaking weird and unstable.

I walked towards the girl. Jace was still trying to get answer but I couldn't look at the girls anymore. I was just annoyed and furious because of Clary. I took my seraph blade and killed both of them. They burned up in flames and Jace looked at me with a shocked expression which followed up to an angry expression.

"Seriously Alec? I know my sister pissed you off but we needed those demons to lead us to Agramon." He said annoyed and I rolled my eyes at him. I wasn't interested in finding my uncle. In fact, I hoped he would die. I know he is Liz's father but becoming so evil meant not getting any mercy.

"And I really do not care." I said and glared at him. I walked away from him and looked at my little sister, who looked like she was searching for someone. I frowned and walked towards her. The club was so freaking full and what the most annoying thing was that the mundanes couldn't see us so they wouldn't know to move. I had to take the effort to push them away.

"Iz, what's wrong?" I asked when I saw the worried expression on her face. She looked at me and sighed.

"Clary rushed out from the club and now I can't find her. This whole place is full of demons and they are all after her. There is no sign of her." Izzy said and I could hear the worry in her voice. I couldn't sense anything. As her parabatai I felt ok. She was in no danger.

"I think she is alright. I don't feel her in pain or anything like that." I said and I saw Jace walking towards her. Gosh, no. He was going to act like the big overprotective brother. I sometimes felt sorry for Clary but then again. I knew I would do the same thing to Izzy. Little sisters were just like little princesses. Everyone would do anything for cute little princesses. I know I would die for my little sister.

"Who's pain? Where is Clary?" Jace asked and I wanted to roll my eyes again but I figured out that they would find me annoying if I did. I have been doing it for a quite long time and much more often than I used to.

"She is fine." I said. Izzy shot me an angry glare and then looked at Jace.

"She is gone and we do not know where she is." Izzy said and I sighed annoyed. I looked over at Jace. I was waiting for him to explode out of worry but he started laughing. Confused I looked at him.

I saw Jace changing into Jonathan and I heard Izzy gasp. I quickly took my arrow and bow and directed it on him. He chuckled and held his hand up which made me fly. I couldn't touch the ground anymore with my feet. He moved his hand and I got pushed against the wall and I grunted. I quickly looked at him but he was gone. Izzy ran towards me.

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