" What should we discuss Miss K— "

" There we go again with formalities. Lisa please forget being an agent would you? "
Jennie said irritatedly.

" But this is who I am, I was raised to be me. " she defended.

" Look, you work for me now. So follow my rules , just 3 of them" Lisa nodded in defeat.

" First please call me, Jennie, Unnie or whatever just not Miss Kim. Second, please stop being so stiff. Lastly, when I'm with you, you're not allowed to look at others. "

" Is that all? "

" Yes, you may now go. " Jennie said giggling.

" Go where? " Lisa said confuse.
Jennie then facepalm herself.

" Come with me, " she took Lisa's hand which the other didn't mind.

" Here is your class, please don't disappoint me with your grades" Jennie said teasingly.

" We're classmates here but I have to finish some papers, just remeber my rules and we're good. " she then nodded and entered their room.

She then enetered the room and went to their proff.

" Good Morning Maam, I am the new student. " she said.

" Are you Miss. Manoban? Please introduce youself. "

" Good Morning, Lalisa Manoban from Bangkok Thailand. " she the proceed to a free seat not minding her classmates noise.

" Hey! " someone poke her.

" Miss Kim Jisoo? "

" The one and only. You really are one stiff agent, dang. Are you ready to handle Jennies bitchy attitude? " she ask which made Lisa confused.

" Oh right! It is your first day, I'm pretty sure she's being nice with you " Jisoo said then laugh. Lisa just ignored her.

Their class was dismissed, they are now heading to the caffiteria when Lisa bumped into someone.

" Miss are you okay? " she asked calmly.

" Oh Lisa! I'm so sorry, I'm in a hurry " the other girl said.

" It's okay Chaeng, would you like to eat lunch with us? "

" I would love too, " Chaeyoung then cling her arms with Lisa's not minding Jisoo.

" Hey! I thought you're in a hurry Miss Park? " Jisoo eyed her.

" Nahh. I guess it can wait, after all I'm having lunch with Lisa " she said lowering her voice.

Lisa didn't mind Chaeng being clingy, she find the girl easy to approach.

They are now settled and done with their orders, you can't deny the fact that they are head turners most especially the new student Lisa, all the attention was on them. Chaeng is still sitting beside Lisa and talking nonsense stuffs when...

" So Lisa, do you have a girlfriend? " Chaeng asked which made Jisoo choke.

" What's with the sudden question Chipmunk? You're not even sure if Lisa likes a she " Jisoo ask disappointedly.

" Well, Lisa do you have a thing for a girl? And if yes do you have a girlfriend? " Chaeng changed her question.

" I don't have time for those " Lisa said returning her focus on her food.

" It means you don't have a girlfriend right? " Chaeng keeps on bugging Lisa,
The other girl was about to answer when someone showed up.

" She has a girlfriend " Jennie said while looking at Chaeng who is being touchy with Lisa.

Jisoo was shocked with Jennies tone as well as Chaeng, but Lisa seemed to be not affected.

" Really Lisa? Who? " Jisoo and Chaeng has recovered and now staring at Lisa.

" Lisa just look at Jennie plainly as if saying, you tell them, you're the one who made that up. and continue eating.

" Me, I am her girlfriend. So Miss Park, kindly move because I want to seat beside her. " Jennie said firmly which made Lisa look at her confused. This is the first time Jennie saw an emotion from Lisas eyes, but with just a snap it became emotionless again.

" You what Jendukie? With an agent? " Jisoo asked confused, but Jennie choose to ignore her question and face Lisa's side pulling the others uniform.

" Babe! Why didn't you fetch me in my office? I was waiting for you " she asked Lisa enough for the other students to hear.

Lisa on the other hand was confused but ride along, I think Miss Kim here is planning about something. Maybe I should ride along. She thought.

Lisa then face Jennie which took her in surprise, their face was close because Jennie acts as if she want to get Lisa's attention. Lisa then close their gap which got other students attention. Slowly Lisa's hand snaked on Jennies waist, she is now hugging her.

" Sorry babe, I will make it up to you later " she let go and place a kiss on Jennies forehead and focus on her food again not minding the scene she created. Jisoo and Chaeng who witnessed everything saw how Jennie blushed with Lisa's sudden sweetness.

Why I am feeling hot right now? Jennie asked herself confused.


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