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Knock! Knock!
Jennie slowly opened her door revealing Lisa.

" Good Morning Miss Kim, I would like to remind you that we'll go together in you school exactly after 45 mins. " Jennie was surprise seeing Lisa with there school uniform. She find the agent smoking hot with her skirt exposing her legs and you can't deny her looks being swag and clean.

" Miss Kim are you with me? " Lisa called for Jennies attention.

" Stop being too formal Lis " Jennie got her senses back. " Just call me Jennie, "

" But Ma—"

" No more buts idiot. " she said shutting the door.

Lisa on the other hand waited for Jennie inside the car.

" Lisayahh! I will use my own car, lets meet in school " Jennie ordered her.

They arrived their school, Jennie get in first, everyone is in awe looking at her, there are some guys drooling over her.

Moments later Jennie heard some squealing and murmurs. She look at her back and met Lisa's cold stare.

" daebak! who's that new kid? "

" she's pretty handsome, I like her already "

" oh no. Another target. Hohoh "

" i think she's my destiny. Kyaaah! "

it made jennie blood boil hearing those things. Not that she cared but she doesn't want people gossiping about other people, she signaled Lisa to come over which the other girl obligued to do so.

She walking stiffly, with a straight face and cold eyes, everything seemed to be in slowmotion for Jennie, she didn't notice that her face with Lisa are just inches away.

" Yahh! " she said pushing Lisa's forehead.

" What was that for? " Lisa said coldly.

" You're too close you idiot." Jennie being savage, she was about to say something when Chaeyoung interupted.

" Good Morning President, I would like to take Miss Manoban in the office " Chaeyoung said blushing while looking at Lisa.

Lisa then extend her hand to Chaeyoung, " You must be Miss Park? Please to meet you " Lisa said with a little smile on her face which didn't escape Jennies sight.

" How come she managed to smile and offer a hand shake to Chaeng? " she said to herself.

Chaeyoung gladly accepted her hand shake.

" Jendeukieeee! " Jisoo shouted not noticing chaeng.

" Who's the—" she didn't finish her sentence when she saw Chaeng still holding Lisa's hand. She was about to deffend her actions from the Vice President when the other start to talk.

" Uh. Nice meeting you too. Let us proceed? " Chaeng said kindly which made Jisoo froze in her tracks. This is the first time she saw Chaeyoung blushing and smiling sweetly up close, and the fact that she was not being scolded. Miracle.

" Let me handle her myself Chaeng " they were interupted by Jennie who didn't like CheLisa's interaction with each other.

" But it is my job Miss, and— "

" No chaeng, I am incharge with Lisa, she's different " Jennie said with full of authority. Chaeyoung then bowed and left them.

" Is she whipped or something?" Jisoo asked still in disbelief.

" No, " she answered shortly. " Lisa come to my office, we need to sort things out. " she then left Jisoo followed by Lisa.

They are now in her office seating.

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