having dinner with their family

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- brings up your achievements
- smiles a cheeky smile while you blush
- puts his arm around you


- talks about you the whole time
- makes fun of you (in a good way)
- you playfully punch his arm


- acts like a gentleman
- pulls the chair out for you
- continues staring at you in awe


- doesn't stop complimenting you
- notices you're nervous and diverts the conversation away from you
- walks you to your car


- greets you instantly
- talks about how work is going
- cracks jokes once in a while


- makes sure to save a seat for you next to her
- you play footsies under the table secretly (i don't know i'm sorry)
- you eat most of the dessert


- introduces you to the family
- many photos are taken
- you sit down and enjoy the meals

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