Chapter 20: On the Run

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Minho's driving, Woojin's on the passenger's seat and the three are at the back– Jinwoo in the middle. They're on their way to Woojin's house since they think it's the safest and the most convenient for all of them to fit in. It was his idea to take all of them in after all.

"What happened to the on guard duty?" Minho asked the eldest. "Do we still continue?"

"Nope. We can't."

"There's no one to guard anymore. Everyone left the school already," said Seungmin.

"Hwang Hyunjin," Woojin called, not looking at the aforementioned.


"Have you thought about it already?" Woojin asked, referring to the offer for him to join the hunters.

Actually, yes. He already made up his mind. He's just afraid to finally let the words out of his mouth. Maybe later?

"Yes," he nonchalantly said. He took a quick glance at Jinwoo who's just staring outside the window. "I have."

"What's your answer?" Minho asked.

"I'll try."

That's when Jinwoo turned to him with a slight surprised expression. She was expecting it but she didn't know that he'll say it sooner than she thought.

Seungmin smiled and patted his brother's shoulder lightly. "We'll help you, I'll help you."

"We can bring him with us tonight for his first practice," Woojin suggested.

"I don't think that's a good idea..."

They're going to observe Hyejoo's lifeless body and it's a real bloody work. Since Hyunjin's a newbie, Seungmin doesn't think that he'll be able to handle it. The smell and the sight are really terrible– it's beyond your imagination. Try imagining being in a garbage truck filled with different kinds of garbage, raw fishes and blue cheese.

"I can do whatever I must," said Hyunjin, looking at his younger brother. "Just trust me when I say that I can do it."

"Seungmin could barely do it the first time and he was already trained unlike you," Minho said.

"What is it anyway?" Jinwoo asked, frowning. Of course she's worried about the only guy who caught her heart.

"Checking on dead ghoul bodies, Peach's to be exact," Seungmin answered, looking out the window. "Damn the city's quiet."

"I've seen her die before me. I also saw her bloody ass body," Hyunjin said. "I can do it."

"Oh, it's not what you're expecting but okay." Woojin laughed, shaking his head. "Seungmin just let him. He might be better than you."

"Hey, I'm still the youngest so no one's better than me."

"Where are we staying anyway?" Hyunjin asked no one in particular.

"My house."

"What?" Hyunjin frowned, remembering that Jinwoo slept there alone with Woojin. "Out of all places."

"His house is the most convenient," Minho said. "It's spacious and safe for now."

"It's practically a mansion," Jinwoo said quietly. Hyunjin looked at her in disbelief, still annoyed by the fact that she slept there with no one else but Woojin.

"Your boyfriend's sulking. Does he know?" Woojin chuckled, obviously trying to provoke Hyunjin even more.

"He's not my boyfriend," Jinwoo grumbled, rolling her eyes.

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