15 - Inferno

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Inferno - The Ethereal Dimension

Odessa stood at the base of the platform to His right arm, where He sat on His illuminating white throne centered on the round elevated platform in Inferno. To his left stood the one who reigned supreme over the diviners, Omael.

Zuriel, lord of the Ethereal Dimension and all the worlds was addressing the fellowship of Chaos. For so long, the only time an inferior world like earth rose as an issue was when the otherworlders fell to it, drawing unnecessary attention to a forgotten and displaced people.

Now, over a hundred millenniums later a celestial had risen in its wake and the issue? It was the first celestial to ever wake as a diviner, the first female diviner.

Odessa and the general of the Death Eaters were the only female celestials to rise in ranks and be named Supremes not diviners, Supremes, because no female celestial possessed abilities enough to join the ranks of diviners. And now, there was one and her waking was an echo heard through time and across the worlds.

"We cannot bring an impure into our ranks, it will upset the order of things, the order of the universe," Morael debated.

Odessa glanced at Omael, he had been silent since the fellowship came. He had the final say in the matter since he was earth's keeper. Should Sapphire be recalled to join her true people or left to her fate with mankind? He turned to her and smiled, she returned it.

"Omael?" Zuriel, keeper of the Ethereal Dimension questioned. Omael turned from his sister and climbed down the throne pedestal to the fellowship of Chaos.

"She may stand before the order. We need to know who she really sprouts from. A diviner or not your holiness, she isn't diviner like us," he decreed.

"But she is a diviner," Odessa argued. He turned to his sister. Her staff vanished from her hand  as she climbed down to him. "And a mightily powerful one brother. Half the diviners here barely equal her in ability. Her wake alone broke the veil in all the worlds, such power must be nurtured and guarded."

"Such power dwells only with the Omega," Manakel argued. "How is it that she has it? A higher being born of an earthling?"

"You may not have realized this Odessa, but she now places after His holiness." Another argued. The fellowship seated at the round table in Inferno, the Omega's courtyard, nodded in agreement.

Odessa nodded. "All the more reason to welcome her into the fold."

Omael smiled at his sister. It was why she was Supreme, her wisdom was unmatched. "Still you argue for her to be brought into the fold?" Omael asked her.

"Indeed," she nodded. "She is new to her powers brother, she might obliterate life in her world or draw more power-seeking otherworlders to earth. It will not end well for them," Odessa turned to the fellowship. "Bottom feeders or not, it is our duty to protect them, and leaving Sapphire with them will not serve them well."

The hall fell silent in deliberation. Odessa turned to her father, their father whose true face they could only glimpse when he willed it. Now, it was like staring into the face of a million suns, blinding and painful. She turned back to the fellowship.

"If she is brought into the fold, will it serve us well?" Gadreel asked.

Mihr, the only other Supreme rose from where she sat among the others. The general and lord of the armies went to Odessa's side.

"She is not a weapon to be used Gadreel," Mihr eyed the scholar and guardian of Uriel. "She is your first female diviner, rising in ranks with just her wake. You are duty bound to recall her to her home, it is her birthright."

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