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Hey guys! This is a story I kinda adopted from @ArtyFart I loved his/her stories and was really sad that it stopped updating. I'm not sure if he/she will update soon, but this is just to satisfy myself. The beginning, most of it will be copied from her version of the story, but I've changed names and such, so it's sort of my own? I dunno. 

So, all credits go to the creators of OHSHC and Naruto, and the original author of this story, ArtyFart.

Hope you enjoy it, from noelicoan.


Natsuki stood with her arms crossed in front of the Hokage's desk. She was currently listening to the requirements of a new mission that had been just assigned to her. She was supposed to protect someone by the name of Suou Tamaki, and apparently, he did not live nearby. 

The Hokage, a woman named Tsunade finished her speech and took a breath, ''Will you accept the mission Naruto?'' Tsunade looked hopefully at the blond, she knew that 'he' would do something outside of the village that treated her badly, willingly. 

''I accept Hokage-sama'' She raised an eyebrow at 'his' response, expecting a yell of agreement, or even a 'baa-chan!' but all 'he' did was speak softly, with a professional and stern undertone to her voice. 

''Wonderful. You will leave as soon as you can, someone will be waiting for you at the dock near the border of Wave. They will take you to the location, the school year starts in a week, and all you need will be provided for you.''

''Hai Hokage-sama,'' Natsuki replied. ''Good. You are dismissed Naruto.'' 

Natsuki sighed in relief as she went back to her apartment to pack. She was known in the ninja world with the fake name, Uzumaki Naruto, where she was a stupid, loudmouthed, brash and senseless kid who dreamed to become the Hokage, while he actually was a girl, with power and strength overwhelming Tsunade, Brains smarter than any Nara, Ninjutsu ability far higher than the first Hokage, or any Kage for that matter. She had been personally trained by Kurama, a tailed beast she was neglected and abused for. Her real name was Namikaze Uzumaki Natsuki or Uzukaze Natsuki for short.

She left after an hour or so, sealing everything she may need, weapons included, and did not wait to say goodbye to her so-called friends. 

The boat ride had been long, and when they arrived, she was in a place that was much different than Konoha or the elemental nations. It had many personalised houses with busy streets, covered in metallic boxes with two rings on each side. Oh!  A car. She had read about those before. 

She walked through the village and finally found the apartment she was going to be staying in for the rest of the year, then she unpacked from her seals. She then made herself some dinner with the food provided and set down a futon, in which she snuggled into, a smile playing on her lips. 

''Hello. I'm the landlady. Your room has been paid for by someone already, and I was asked to tell you how the stove and such worked. You come from the countryside don't you?''

''Yes. There's barely any electricity there. This is my first time seeing a car! Also, what's a fridge?''

''A fridge is a container for food. It conducts electricity so that the contents stay cold, and don't rot. What did you use for food there then?''

''We mainly ate what was necessary, and only took the amount we need. There would never be any leftovers. Plenty of children going hungry on the streets.'' She said knowingly. After all, she was that child starving on the streets ages ago as well. 

The landlady then went on to show her how to use a washing machine, the microwave, oven, air conditioner, fan, television, iron, and took her to the supermarket to get food. 

''What's that?''

''That's soda.''

''What's this?''

''Those are macaroons.'' 

The whole excursion went on like this, and the passer bys giggled at the girl, some men looking at her for more than a second. She was quite eye-catching, with long blonde hair  and bright blue eyes, slim and small but with slight curves in the right places. 

Tall for a girl, but short for a man. Though it was obvious that she could still be taller than men as she walked next to a few, looking down as she smiled and greeted them politely, the men starstruck from her individual beauty.

She didn't look like a model, no. She was the complete opposite of a model, but she was special in a unique way. With slightly broken glasses on the bridge of her thin nose, bandages around her arms and legs, bruises on her neck, she looked like she had just come out of a big fight, though the cleanliness of her clothes told the tale that this 'fight' wasn't today. 

Time Skip-

Natsuki had been there for a week and had made quite a name for herself only secretly. She often helped strangers from muggers or people who were somehow stuck in a dangerous predicament. She would use her flexibility, fighting skills and katana to stop many crimes. She wore black tights and an orange skirt, a white blouse and an orange sweater. She wore a sports jacket on top of it all and an old traditional fox mask which hid her upper half of the face, though it showed her beautiful blue eyes. She would undo her genjutsu and let her long hair fall down to her thighs. She was called the Striking Vixen from her striking looks and striking technique, and the vixen part of the name came from her mask. Everybody in the area knew her name, and she had only been there for a week!

Right now; however, was a completely different story as she stared at a giant pink school building

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Right now; however, was a completely different story as she stared at a giant pink school building. She was wearing a nude coloured vest and beneath it, a white shirt, a pair of log and slightly shaggy black pants, along with some grey sneakers, a pair of grey rimmed glasses, and some makeup to cover her birthmarks. Natsuki stared at her reflection in a puddle. Her new appearance under a genjutsu was the look of a girl with shaggy short blond hair and bandages to wrap up her breasts. She looked quite lanky and was slightly taller than her original height.

She made her way towards the school but was nearly knocked over by a girl dressed up in a similar fashion to hers. 

''O-oh I'm so sorry!''

Natsuki blinked, ''N-no it's fine, um, what's your name?'' She asked. 

The girl looked slightly taken aback, but responded anyway, ''My name's Fujioka Haruhi, what's yours?'' 

Natsuki smiled slightly, ''I am Uzumaki Naruto it's a pleasure to meet you.'' She answered politely, using her cover name as an alias. 

Haruhi smiled and looked at her, ''You as well. If I may ask, what did you get into this school for? It doesn't seem like you got in here by being from a rich family.'' 

Natsuki chuckled, ''Ah, my scholarship was for music and grades. Yours?'' She half lied. She was certainly smarter than most and was talented in music, but this was a cover, a fake characteristic she had to undergo to protect Tamaki. 

''Mine is from grades as well.'' Haruhi said, glancing at her watch before looking back up. ''Shall we get to class?'' 

''Yeah, let's go.'' Naruto replied, and she and Haruhi walked in through the doors, ready to begin their first day of school.

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