Chapter 38: If This Candle Doesn't Light

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My feet are killing me!

These heels are going to be the end of me I swear. I sigh when we finally reached the top of the pack house stairs. My nerves twisted uncomfortably as everyone rushed ahead of me.

"'ve got this." My mom kissed my cheek, causing my nerves to flutter but come back ten times worse.

"What if I don't get accepted by the moon goddess?" I asked her with pained eyes.

"You. Will." She promised, I sigh as I watched them leave me behind. I breathed and focused on my hearing when someone cleared their throat in the microphone.

"Hello and welcome to a very important day." An older man said into the mic, his voice becoming scratchy over the years of his probably very long life. I let out a shaky breath and wiped my sweaty palms on my red dress.

"We all gather here today to create one person into the mother of all of us." My brows knit together as I fight the urge to vomit and bite my nails.

"A Luna will stand beside your Alpha if the Moon Goddess sees she's up for the part." He says with an underlining of something in his voice.

"Everyone. A warm welcome to your Alpha!" The pack whistled and howled as I assume Eli walked across the balcony they were on.

"And, a warm welcome for Nicole!" He yells and someone motions me forward. I breathe as I walk down a black hall. My heels echo off the walls and my ears ring while wolves howled for me. I exited the dark hall and instantly winced, the bright light shining on my face blinding me. The person operating the light must have seen that and thankfully moved it off me. I climbed the small set of stairs and came face to face with Eli. He wore a tight black dress shirt with matching black slacks and shoes. His white hair was brushed but thankfully wasn't gelled.

I hate gell.

His eyes widen as they explored my body, I listen to his heartbeat flatter. He bit his lip before looking up at me with a huge smile.

"I can't wait to tear that off you," Eli whispered through our link, I felt heat chase up my neck and into my face.

"Nicole and Eli will first vow to each other, then Nicole will give a blood oath to protect this pack with her life, then they will mix blood as a symbol of the power they create when they are together, and finally. They will ask the Moon Goddess if she likes the pair she made of these two, they will light one candle as a symbol of the light they'll bring, they'll light another one as a symbol of the happiness they'll bring, and the one in the center is for the Moon Goddess. They will light it together, and if the candle stays lit then the bond is perfect, if it goes out, then Nicole will be banished from our pack." My eyes widen and I swallow the lump in my throat, Eli sent a wave of comfort through the bond but it didn't affect me at all.

"Thank you, grandfather," Eli says to the elder, making my eyes bulge.

"This little potato man is his grandpa?" Vikki snickered, I internally rolled my eyes before paying attention. Eli walked towards the little table between us and I followed his actions. On the table sat a long knife and a lighter. I blinked surprisingly when Eli's hand hovers over my heart. I look up at him to see his eyes pitch black.

"Nicole. I'm going, to be honest. My life is complete shit. Nothing seemed to go right for me. Until I found you. I...I love you, Nicole. And, I can't get over how fucking lucky I am. You're so perfect, and I'm so glad that I could be your night in shining armor. I vow to you my heart. I vow to you my life. I vow to you my protection. And I vow to you, my unconditional love." I tried to blink away the tears but a few slipped that he wiped away.

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