Chapter 11

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[Bangtan's POV]

Yeah, the boys have a life other than being vampires. Y/N is just unaware of it.

The youngsters, Jungkook, Taehyung and Jimin are college students. Although they hardly attend.

And the older ones, Hoseok, Namjoon, Yoongi and Jin have jobs.

''Is it safe to leave her all alone in the house?'' Jin asks the others, as they all prepare to leave for school or work.

''Holiday break is overrrr'' Taehyung moans, ruffling his hair. ''it's fine, she's only sleeping''

''How long are we going to keep her with us?'' Yoongi inquires, as he'd had some suspicions about her from the beginning.

''well, we gotta keep her whether we like it or not. We bit her first, and now we face the consequences'' Hoseok speaks up, sighing. ''I don't mind her tbh''

''He's right. If she leaves it will enable the risk of her exposing us. After we've been hidden for so long... besides she has no where to stay so we're both benefiting from each other'' Namjoon explains, as they nod in agreement.

''true dat''


The three walk into class halfway through lesson, side by side, hair muffled with a lolipop each swinging from their mouthes. They never had deemed school relevant, thinking of it as a place to have fun rather than learning.

What would vampires need maths and science for anyway?

They never bothered with girls either, it would get messy if they ended up in a relationship and she ended up finding out what they really were.

Because it had happened once, and they weren't gonna let it happen again.

So they kept it lowkey.

''jeeez, I can't tell whether they try to look like that on purpose or they're naturally unbothered'' a girl whispered to her friend, as they eyed them down

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''jeeez, I can't tell whether they try to look like that on purpose or they're naturally unbothered'' a girl whispered to her friend, as they eyed them down.

Jimin winked at the girls who were eyeing them down, walking past other students who simply rolled their eyes.

And then, instead of taking a seat and getting their books out, they sat on some tables and fiddled with their phones.

The teacher pushed her spectacles up and sighed, as her eyes landed on the three. ''Take a seat, boys. We've got a visitor'' she told them, not bothered by their lack of commitment as she had gotten used to it.

''hey, what's the teachers name again?'' Jungkook asked the two as they shrugged.

''ooh visitor?'' Taehyung chimes, as they take a seat. Moments later a boy enters the classroom, beckoning everyones attention. They all quiet down, eyes scanning him down.

He was rather tall and lean with honey glazed skin, his hair quite overgrown as he had bangs covering his eyes. He ran a hand through his dark hair, revealing his light brown eyes that scanned the room warily.

''Meet Jack, everyone. He will be joining you for class from now on'' the teacher announced, as Jack smiled lightly.

''nice to meet you'' he bowed, making his way towards the middle of the classroom. He pauses, looking around hesitantly.

''JAAACKK!'' Jimin screams from across the class. ''Come sit with us!''

He turns his head towards their direction, and gives a thankful smile working his way towards them.

''uh, hey'' Jack awkwardly greets.

''What's up? What school did you go before this?'' Jungkook asks, trying to engage in conversation.

''I uh, studied abroad, actually'' he replies, as they nod.

''Cool! What country?''


Jimin makes a puzzled face as Taehyung snorts and coughs to hide his chuckle.

''But this is England...?'' Jungkook says. Jack looks down in embarrassment and nervously chews his bottom lip.

''I'm sorry...I've got memory loss''

'' you don't remember what school you went to, umm...where you from then?'' Taehyung asks.

''Actually...I don't remember anything...''


[Y/N's POV]

''Where did you guys go?'' You question them at the door, as they walk into the house.

''School'' Jungkook answers while stuffing food into his mouth, his puffy cheeks inflating everytime he munched.

''Don't you think something was off about that guy though?'' Taehyung speaks up, licking his lips slowly deep in thought.

''What guy? You guys run into trouble?'' Yoongi raises an eyebrow inquisitively, as the youngers shake their heads.

''No...some new kid in school. Claims he had memory loss or something'' Jimin answers, shrugging.

''Sounds like someone we know'' Yoongi scoffs, sparing you a glance before smirking which you respond to scowling back.

''Careful not to mingle too close with strangers remember...we must remain concealed'' Namjoon warns them, as they sigh and nod in compliance.

''Can I go to school? I wanna meet new people too!''

''NO'' they all answer simultaneously, as you furrow your eyebrows.

''why the fuck not?'' you retort, your face painted in chagrin. Like, you were just going to stay indoors forever? No way.

''Because'' Taehyung answers blatantly. You roll your eyes at his equivocal remark. ''The hell you mean, 'because'?''

''You're a pervert, so you'll probably go round kissing people randomly, just like you did to m-'' you cut him off by shooting him a deadly glare. ''shut it'' you growl, flashing him an animal like scowl.

''cute'' he grins sarcastically.

''Haha! You kind of look like a wolf when you do that'' Jin laughs, as you stop dead in your tracks for a moment.

''aha...I do?''

They all begin to chatter among themselves as you sigh in relief.

Wolf...the word made your heart swirl in bewildering tornados at the mention of it. It frightened you...being such a creature a while ago.

But the fact that they'll come to realise one day you're that creature...frightened you even more.

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