A cliche ending

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Lucas pov

He's a liar and I hate him.
I hate that boy Zayden boy.
I hate him so much.
My gut twist when I think of him.

My throat closes.
My hands sweat.
My eyes water.
My heart aches.
I hate him for speaking to me.

I hate him for following me and forcing himself in my life. I hate him for loving me. For telling me he did. I hate him for lying. I hate him for being the best thing I had ever experience.

"Lucas a package" I covered my face with my arms. "No" I said but she didn't say anything. "I don't want it" I heard a thud, "mom?" I call. "Give me a hand Lucas please"

"Mom-" I walked out of my room and saw a large box bigger than the upper half of my body.

"Let's open it" she said smiling like it was Christmas time. I sighed and sat beside her watching her open it. "Oh Lucas, look at this."

I turned and it was a canvas. It was a portrait of a boy, with dirt brown hair and it faded into grass and then the sky. It was like the world and universe had become human. It looked like a kindergarten painted it though, it was messy and wobbly. It was cute though

"That's you!"  My mom mom cries. "No it's not"  she hands me a letter addressed to me, "yes it is look at it I had your hair and body." I chuckled "you can't tell from this."

I opened the letter and started reading.

Dear Lucas Onward,

Do you think the art teacher will approve of my selfless portrait, because I am you and you're my world Lucas Onward. You made me feel like a hero in a movie the way you looked at me. And I saw your drawing of me and I couldn't help feel inspired. I'm not an artist like you but god I don't care, and I know you hate me for leaving like I did. But you know how much harder it would've been if I would've stayed longer. 

I love you Lucas Onward and I hope this picture can show that I'm not perfect with colors like you but I hope it gets my point across. I though about cheating and getting someone to paint it for me. But I wants you to have this from me personally. I'll see you one day my prince, and we'll slay dragons together and I'll always be your knight.

I really hate that boy so much.

That night I cried, I sobbed harder than I thought I ever could.
I miss him. I looked looked at my phone and he had texted me

Zayden:You're mom says you got it

Lucas: Yes I did thank you for it
Zayden: you're welcome, I'll see you again some time Lucas Onward.

Zayden: "I love you so much Lucas Onward"
The last one was a voice message I recorded it off the screen and saved it.

I put it on a loop and played in the dark. I cried once again. I cried so hard I never replied because I couldn't bring my self to reply because I was screaming now.

I shouted until my neighbors banged on my walls.  I screamed until my voice became scratchy. I shouted sobs and pain until I felt like I could spit blood and my mouth tasted like metal. I screamed so that I felt like I could rip my vocal cords and I could never speak again.

I screamed until my mom came in there and hugged me and rocked me back and forth. I was so sad.

I felt empty and I felt like I was hollow which are the same thing. But still.

"Please tell me how I can help"

I sniffled "bring him back mama" I begged.

I don't think I can make it without him. 

Authors note

Thank you for reading. Yes this is a unhappy ending. T r a g i c.

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