I just want you for your hoodie

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Lying in bed later that night I curled up next to Chris, resting my head on his chest, I traced my finger along the letters of the tattoo that sprawled across it.

"What are you thinking about?" He mumbled into my hair.

"Nothing. Just how happy I am that you're home. I really missed you."

He shifted a little and kissed my forehead. "I missed you too."

My phone buzzed on the night stand. I ignored it at first but sighed and ended up picking it up. It was a text from Zach. Chris saw Zach's name flash the screen and frowned.

"What's he texting you for?"

"We're friends." I shrugged and pulled the blanket up over my chest.

"Friends? I didn't realize you still talked."

"Occasionally it's no big deal."

"You dated him, and he's seen you naked." Chris sat up pushing his feet over the side of the bed.

"Are you serious right now?"

Chris gave me a look. "What do you talk about?"

"He just asked if I was feeling better. Although, I don't think I really need to give an explanation."

"Oh you don't? So what am I? Just a lay?" His eyes narrowed.

"I'm sorry?" I had to stop my jaw from dropping in shock.

"Well if you considered me your boyfriend you would want to give me an explanation and you wouldn't be talking to ex's when I'm not around."

"Wow, I don't even know how to respond to that." I set my phone back down on the nightstand.

Chris stared at me before standing up. "I need to run home and check on Dodger."

"Really?" I wrinkled my nose. "You're going to leave?"

"I need a minute." He slipped his shirt over his head, shoved his pants on and stalked out the door.

I sat there staring at the door that he had shut behind him and bit my lip feeling the tears well up in my eyes. What just happened.

I stayed in bed watching tv for what felt like hours. My phone buzzed a few times but I didn't even bother checking it. At a little past 8:30 I heard a knocking on my front door. With a sigh I drug myself out of bed and grabbed the hoodie hanging on the hook of my bedroom door. I could see Chris through the window of the front door and honestly thought about just going back to bed. But I answered anyway.

"Hi." I crossed my arms in front of my chest hugging myself. The air from outside was bitter cold. I could see my breath.

I glanced down to see Dodger at Chris's feet. I looked back up with a blank expression on my face. Chris's cheeks were flushed red from the cold. His beanie was pulled down low covering his ears, which were also a little on the pink side. His bright blue eyes looked apologetic and I swore his lower lip was pouting.

"I'm so sorry for what I said and how I behaved." He spat out. "I can't help it. I'm not usually the jealous type but with you...." He trailed off. "It drives me crazy thinking you still talk to an ex." He shrugged. "I am sorry."

I didn't say anything.

"Come on Bree let me in. It's freezing out here!" He whined stomping his feet.

I sighed and stepped aside letting him in. "Only cause Dodger is with you."

"That's not true." He turned grinning at me. "Come on babe. I said I was sorry. I'm an idiot. It's what you do to me." He shrugged slipping his jacket off. "Forgive me?" He stuck his lower lip out as he pulled the beanie off his head causing his hair to stick up in all directions. It was friggin adorable.

I pursued my lips. "I'll think about it." Right, like I could stay mad at him.

"Fine. But you have to take my hoodie off if you're mad at me sweetheart." He yanked on the string on the oversized sweatshirt.

I looked down at the smiling Mickey on my chest and realized it was indeed his hoodie I had on.

He raised one eyebrow at me. I pulled on the sleeve slipping the sweatshirt off quickly and handed it back to him.

"I cannot believe you would rather be mad at me then wear my hoodie."

"I have my own hoodies." I spun on my heel walking back to my bedroom.

"But none are as cool as mine." He walked closely behind me.

"You're a little full of yourself aren't you Evans?" I looked at him over my shoulder.

"You can be a little full of me too if you start playing nice." I could hear the cocky smile in his voice.
I stopped and turned to face him. I opened my mouth but didn't know what to say and I couldn't hold back the smile.

"Ha!" Chris cheered triumphantly. "You still like me."

"Who said I ever liked you?" I shot back.

"You did. Actually I think, if I remember correctly, you said you loved me. Right after you almost died from a chainsaw attack at the ghost ship."

I shoved him with a roll of my eyes. "You were still a jerk tonight. Not cool."

"I know. I really am sorry. I saw the way Officer Ex looked at you."

"What does that matter? I'm with you." I pointed out.

"But you lead him, on talking to him."

"He knows nothing is going to happen. We're just friends."

"Guys don't work like that Bree. Trust me."

I eyed him for a moment before snatching the hoodie back from his hands and putting it back on.

"Hey now. Don't be getting your germs all over my favorite sweatshirt." He tugged on the hood.

"I'm pretty sure whatever germs I have you've already gotten. I don't think your tongue could get any further down my throat." I teased.

"I didn't hear you complaining."

"That's cause you're pretty good at it." We walked into my bedroom and I jumped on my bed.

"So you forgive me?" He batted his long eyelashes at me.

"Of course." I scooted over so he could get on the bed with me.

"Good." He pulled me into his arms, his lips grazing my ear.

"I didn't want to have to give this sweatshirt back."

He laughed loudly in my ear squeezing me. "You know what? If you're a good girl I'll get you one when we go next."

"I'd rather have yours. It smells delicious." I kissed his jawline lightly.

"Baby, whatever you want is yours." His lips met mine in a sweet, slow, satisfying kiss.

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