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"What do we do, cant we just kill you and get the power?" Cade asked

I looked intently at him only to find out there is a spell blocking his brain. He has a good heart but the spell casted on him is putting him on the dark side and i know exactly what to do.

"You have a spell blocking the good in your heart Cade" i said

Prisci turned to me "What do you mean a spell?" she asked. Cade tried to say something but she shushed him.

"A witch cast a spell on him so that is why he is supporting his father in taking over. Even you have been spelled Prisci but it seems like your wolf keeps fighting it so it hasn't developed fully in you" i explained.

She gasped and stared at me with wide eyes "Is there a way to break it? I know you are part witch" she said.

I bit inside my cheeks to stop a smirk from forming "only if you want"

As soon as she nodded, i started chanting. I first place a barrier inside and around the room so no one would know what was going on. Then thanks to spells Luci taught me, i was able to break the spell blocking their minds easily. Geez, i thought he said he had strong witches.

As soon as the spell broke, they both gasped and stared at me with wide eyes.

"Oh my goddess, we have to get you out of here" Cade said as he took in my condition with a clear mind.

"Why is your eyes so red?" he asked

I sighed "Well my Vampire hasn't fed in two months and she is starting to lose control. It is with great strength that i am able to restrain her." i explained.

"Can we get blood for you?" Prisci asked

I shocked my head and smiled a bit "Only my mates blood will do at this point and if i were to go hunting, i would go on a rampage. I was leaving tonight anyway, i got the answers i needed from your father" i said as i started breaking the chains that was used to restrain me to the chair.

With wide eyes they shrieked "Are you going to leave us here? I don't want to take over, i never even wanted to become a rogue. My father has been power greedy since i have known him, he challenged the alpha of our previous pack that is why we were kicked out" Cade explained

"I wont leave you, you can come back with me, you can finally be able to mark your mate, i can feel your wolfs restlessness. But if you think of betraying me, i will drown you with mud" i threatened.

"There is nothing i want more than to mark my mate" Prisci said looking at Cade with a dreamy look which made me smile.

"Alright, but there are some people i am taking along, will you get your things or will you go shopping when we get there?" i asked

"I think it is better if we go shopping when we get there, packing will only draw attention" Cade said and i nodded.

As soon as i stood up, my vision became blurry making me stagger thankfully Cade caught me before i fell.

'Dawn, we have to leave, i cant take it any longer'

'We will get out of here soon Phoenix, just hold on a bit for me'

"What wrong?" i heard Prisci ask

"Phoenix is almost on the lose, we have to move. I need to get under the moon light then we will go. Cade, link Sarah and Blue to get their mates and kids, tell them not to get anything but meet us out in front, it has to look like they are just taking a walk, both of you move normally, i will follow behind but i will be invisible but we have to be fast or else it will wear out. I also created a little illusion so if anyone looks into the room, it will look as if i am still inside. We have to be fast, once we are all out, hold unto each other and i will teleport us home" i said all at once breathing heavily.

We moved swiftly and quickly, the smell of blood around was making me cranky and almost going crazy. As we got closer outside, i could feel my strength returning. As soon as we stepped out, i saw them waiting and talking casually. Once i had enough strength to get us out, i made sure they were all touching and once i saw, i touched the nearest person to me and we were gone.

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