Chapter 1

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Your POV
The maids came in and woke me up "Miss Y/N it's time to get ready for school" I just nodded and thanked them. I got up and went to the bathroom to get ready. After my shower I changed into this

I went down stairs and saw my two older brothers

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I went down stairs and saw my two older brothers. Kim Taehyung and Park Jimin well technically we aren't related. My parents adopted them when they thought they couldn't have children. They were both around 2-3 years old when they got adopted. They're both 22 now. And I'm 19. When my mother found out she was pregnant with me my parents said they were overjoyed and couldn't believe it. Even thought we're not related we grew up together so we're really close and inseparable.
Taehyung: "HI Y/N!!"
Jimin: "Hey come eat with us!"
I laughed to myself about my brothers behavior. I love them so much. When we all sat down Jimin made small talk.
Jimin: "Y/N you excited about another year of college?"
Y/N: "Ugh not really"
Taehyung: "Hey, why did you and Liam ever break up?"
Jimin: "Yeah you just told us you broke up but never told us why"
I never told them that I caught Liam making out with my ex best friend Melissa. If they found out they wouldn't hesitate to kill him. They may seem sweet and don't get me wrong they are! But when ever they're on missions or somebody hurts someone close to them, they see red and don't think twice about snapping someone's neck. I've seen them kill and trust me when they're pissed off they show absolutely no mercy.
Y/N: "We just.... um.. grew apart.."
Jimin: "Is there something your not telling us sis?"
Dad: "Good morning kids"
Mom: "Hello my babies!"
All of us: "Hey Mom and Dad"
Dad: "Are you all ready for school"
Taehyung: "I mean I guess"
Mom: "Well the driver will be sent to pick you up from school 3 hours before school ends because we have a meeting and you all need to be there"
All of us reply with an okay. After we ate breakfast the driver drove us to school. When we arrive Jimin and Taehyung put there arms around me.
Y/N: "Why?"
Jimin: "These guys are eyeing you up and down and I don't like it!!"
Taehyung quickly takes of his jacket and put it around me to prevent others from seeing my stomach.
Y/N "I love you guys, but I don't really care what they think"
I give Taehyung his jacket back and they both sigh and nod. They still keep their arms wrapped around me. Everyone here knows they're my brothers so it's not weird, especially since everybody knows how overprotective they get when it comes to me. I just let them be.

Authors note
Hey guys! This is my second book! My first one is titled "Criminally Insane" And it's a YoongixReader story. Make sure to go check it out :)
I'm going to try to updated both books around the same time. This was just like a sort of intro to give you a little insight on Y/N's life. Make sure to vote and comment for future scenes you would like to see in future chapters.
Sorry for grammatical errors!
I purple you! 💜

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