Chloe Reynolds

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Ever wonder if you'll ever meet that one person that will flip your world upside down? Well I've been wondering for a while.

I've been to dates, when we get to the kissing part there's no spark, chemistry, nothing. I want to meet someone exciting, passionate.

Till that day comes, I'll get ready for the first day of college, I'm studying to be a kindergarten teacher, I love kids so much.

"Sissy, mommy says to get your tush ready." She said making me laugh.

This is my baby sis, April. she's four years old and a smart little cookie.

 she's four years old and a smart little cookie

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"I'm ready." I said while giving her a hug, she giggled, this little person is very important to me.

"They grow up so fast." Mom sighed.

"True, no dating, no alcohol, no nothing." Dad said while raising an eyebrow. I just chuckled.

"Don't worry dad, I won't do anything stupid, I'll just get a tattoo on my arm." I grinned before leaving.

"Ooh can I get a tattoo." April asked.

"Nope." They both answered

"Phooey." They just chuckled.

Thirty minutes later.

Once I arrived I went to my locker and was met by my two best friends.

"Hey, crazy girls." I waved.

"Hey, puta." Bree grinned.

"You need a new word." Joanie suggested.

"Good luck with that, I think when she was born she looked at the doctor and said, puta." I said as they both laughed.

Seconds later Joanie and I looked at each other and then we attacked Bree.
"No hugs." She whined.

"Yes hugs." We said as she sighed.

"Alright, you're free." I chuckled.

"Everyday." She sighed.

"You love us, so stop being a drama queen." Joanie said as Bree rolled her eyes. Gotta love those two.

We walked to our class, I can't wait till I'm a graduate and teaching kids. We three are studying the same.

Classes went by and we had a free period.

"Hello, girls." Derek said sitting next to Bree and gave her a kiss.

"Finally a free period, I'm so hungry." Alec said sitting next to Joanie and gave her a kiss.

Alec and Derek are studying to become Doctors.

"Aww, please don't be cheesy in front of me. I'm just a lonely soul." I sighed, they just chuckled.

"Alright, no romantic stuff in front of Chloe." Bree said while pinching my cheeks.

"Hands off Missy." I said as they laughed. These are my crazy best friends since third grade. I love them.

Hours went by and classes were over, I went to this cool bakery.

"There's my favorite customer." Blaze said with a smile.

"And don't you forget it." I grinned causing him to laugh.

"Your brownies are packed and ready to go." He said while giving me my box of brownies. They're my favorite.

"Thank you so much." I said while hugging the bag, he just laughed. I gave him the money.

"See you around Blaze." I smiled before leaving.

Twenty minutes later.

I made it home and my little sister jumped on me making me fall. "I missed you."

"I missed you too, and I brought brownies." I said as she squealed. Yeah these are her favorites too.

I went to hug mom, dad was working. We three went to watch TV while eating brownies. We're so cool.

An hour later I fell asleep with April on top of me. Mom chuckled and put a blanket on us.

College life is exhausting, I already have projects, and it's just the first day. Good luck me.

After a two hour nap we woke up, April hugged me. Such a little cutie. I got up with her and went to my room and started to work on my projects, I didn't want for them to accumulate.

"Can I watch TV here?"

"Of course, enjoy." I smiled as I went back to my homework.

A month later.

A month went by and college was good, except every time they would leave a new project. I swear I feel like high school all over again. I barely sleep.

"Princess, it's late, go to bed." Dad said, I looked at the time and it was two am.

"I will, I'm just finishing this so I won't fall behind." I yawned.

"When is it due?"

"In two months." I said while yawning again.

"Chloe, I get that you don't want to fall behind, but working this late is not healthy, go to bed now. It's an order." He said as I nodded. He was right I do need my sleep.

"Love you, dad."

"Love you too." He kissed my forehead then left.

I hit my pillow and I was out, lucky tomorrow is Saturday.

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