104 : Haters

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Haters. They're every where. They negatively criticise people and their works. Sometimes because they don't like them, or because they just want to be spiteful arses. They always leave mean and hateful comments and only try to drag you down, leaving comments on your books like :

This book is shit!

You suck!

You write like a kindergartener!

You can't write!

Your English is so bad!

This is poorly written!

What childish crap!

Me :


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They just want to drag you down and maliciously crush your dreams. Take Sweetdreamer33 for example. She was bullied when she first began writing. She persevered and now she's one of the most popular and best writers on Wattpad. Point is, dab on them Haters! They shouldn't discourage you.

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