Chapter 39: Luna And Mother

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My breathing was shallow while Eli and I attacked each other.

"Hey Hey Hey!" I blush and separated from Eli while glimpsing at Irma.

"Get your butts out here before you miss the run." Eli sighs in defeat before we follow her downstairs.

"What's the run?" I ask Irma while Eli grabs my hand, she glances over her shoulder with a smile.

"Not very many packs do it nowadays. Its when the new Luna and Alpha take the entire pack for a run around their territory." I nodded and sigh when the cold air hit my skin. It was about 8 at night right now, the sky had darkened.

"Alright, Luna Nicole." I look to the elderly man while he strolled towards us.

"You did great daddy," Irma says childishly while planting a kiss to his wrinkling cheek. Ah, so it's her dad, I guess that makes sense. His hair was white like her's, not sure if that's due to aging or not. The only difference was his eyes were sky blue.

"As a Luna, you now have the ability to shift with your clothes on." My eyes widen as I look up at a confused Eli.

"Since you have your Luna now, you too have the ability." Eli nodded while knitting his brows together.

"Just shift and your clothes won't rip." He states with a shrug.

"That's awesome!" Victoria squealed while shifting. I felt my bones crack as black fur spews from my skin. My eyes widen as I see myself grow, my jaw dropped when I line up with Larkin's shoulder.

"What the...?!" I ask confused, I'm normally only up to his leg...

"Another Luna trait." He added, Vikki was going nuts with pure happiness.

"Now howl and get everyone's attention. Luna Nicole, you give a small speech before leading the run." I felt my anxiety kick in when he said to give a small speech, Eli bumped my shoulder and lightly touched my nose with his.

"You've got this." I nodded and sighed before raising my head and letting out a howl, Eli joining me. The howl continued until everyone shifted and joined us.

"I'm glad to become your Luna and Mother, I thank you all for excepting me, I promise that I will do everything I can to protect and give you the life you deserve." People barked happily. I watched Irma shift. Since she was a Luna, she was large in size. Her fur was pure white with the tips of her ears being gray. Her wolf took control, making her eyes light pink. I look over and my eyes catch all my friends. A pitch black wolf stood tall, a few inches shorter than the one beside him which was definitely the Beta. I assumed this black wolf was Baron by the way his tongue hung out of his mouth and his tail wagged. His wolf must have been in control because his eyes weren't hazel, actually they were bright gold. I looked at Martin, his wolf was a dirty blonde. Each strand of blonde faded to amber at the end, making him appear almost strawberry blonde. His eyes were a dark green instead of blue. My eyes then fell on another blonde wolf, this one extremely fluffy. It was a lighter blonde though and dark brown splotches covered her legs as if she had just jumped into a mud puddle. Her eyes were a shimmering blue. She looked at me with a wink. Julia. I smiled and looked at a beautiful red wolf. I immediately knew it was Allison. Her fur color was the same as her hair, reddish-orange. Her eyes weren't the light brown like usual though. Instead, she had vibrant neon orange eyes. I smile as Allison leans down and nudges Ivy to move out of the way. Ivy huffed but relocated, I snickered as I assumed she was upset she couldn't shift. Finally, my white eyes landed on my mom. Her black wolf moved around a tall blonde wolf. His body was noticeably built. He watched her with amused brown eyes. I knew he was Zane by the way he looked at her. One of his back paws were the exact same brown as his eyes.

"Ready?" I jump slightly at Eli's voice but nod anyway. We turn and start running to the nearest border that happened to be the west. I heard everyone's thunderous paws behind us as we ran around our border. I could feel the power radiating off of us, together, Eli looked down at me with a wolfy grin before speeding up.

"Is he challenging ME to a race?" I chuckle while her ego rises, my mom tells her she's one of the fastest runners she's seen, ONE time, and now she thinks she fucking Sonic. She chuckles before digging her nails in the dirt, pushing her pads harder into the floor till we were speeding past him.

"What the hell!" Eli said surprised as I burst out laughing. After about an hour we finally finish and reach the field where we started. Wolves panted and the collapsed and shifted. Naked bodies became more and more prominent as everyone shifted and went to their homes. I shifted and smiled down at my new favorite dress.

This dress symbolizes my new life...

"Let's head home...Luna." Eli whispers in my ear while lifting me. I squealed before waving bye to everyone. Before I knew it, my back hit the bed and he carefully took my dress off before throwing it somewhere.


The last leaf of the fall disconnected from the now dark gray tree. Its orange colors knowing it soon would become dead once it reached the almost frozen floor. Winter wind blew rapidly around, tossing the dried leaves back and forth. Snowflakes drizzled and clung to everything they grabbed, the floor becoming too frozen to thaw through it anymore. In just a few days, every inch of the earth around us would be covered in many layers of snow. The cold chill that ran through everyone's spine came with some benefits though. The things you could do in the snow are endless, and even inside can be just as magical. But this Christmas won't be what Eli and I wished for, instead, someone got us a new present. Do you know what was in that box?


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