Chapter two.

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Alyssa's POV:
It's been five years now.
I miss her.
I miss her laugh.
I miss her smile.
I miss everything about her .
I just miss my daughter.
I don't know if I'll ever see that smile again.
She hasn't woken up in five years.
Five cot damn years.
If I hadn't abused her she would have still been awake and breathing on her own.
I hate myself for everything I did to her.
I miss my daughter.
We tried to contact Daniel to tell him that she was in a coma, when we find out he ran.
But it was no use he had already cut us out of his life....for good.
"Sophie and Emily miss you greatly," I whisper.
"Her daughter wants to meet you,"I continue.
"Mother," I hear Sophie as she walks in while holding Blanca's hands.
Blanca runs and gives me a hug. I smile remembering at how Lilly would also run to give me a hug.
Blanca was born on May 4...she shared the same birthday as Lilly.
Her features and personality reminded me of Lilly.
They both had big blue eyes that reminded of the deep blue sea.
Their hair fell gently onto their shoulders.
"Mother," Sophie says I look up into her blue eyes. And whisper. "I am sorry." I let go of Blanca.
Blanca amiable holds Lilly's hand.
She gets on her tippy toes and whispers something into Lilly's ear.
She gives her a peck on the cheek.
Blanca turns around and says quietly "I am ready to go."
Sophie and I nod.
I am the last to exit the room.
I look at Lilly's stiff body.
She is alive, but looks as if she weren't.
"Wake up soon," is all I say before I withdraw from the room.
I close the door behind me.
I love you honey.

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