Chapter 10

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He slips his slender fingers under your chin, tilting it so your reluctant gaze meets his. ''you uh um-what?'' he questions, his deep voice sending shivers up your spine.

You felt like dying on the spot.

For numerous reasons.

Mostly because the boy you almost killed was standing right in front of you, shirtless, questioning your sanity with a deep sexy ass voice whilst staring right through your soul with alluring piercing eyes.

And all the while being unaware of your identity, unaware that the girl standing in front of him is the same savage beast that slashed his back months ago.

Mustering up some courage, you ask him anyway curious of what he would reply when you ask him about it.

''what...I mean, how did you...get that ?'' you point to his back, and he just freezes for a moment. You clamp your mouth shut, wondering if it was a wrong idea to ask him.

''HA.....HAHAHHHHHHHHAHHHHHHHAAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH'' he roars, falling to the ground while laughing hysterically. You stay frozen, watching him on the floor laughing while trying to comprehend what the joke was.

wow...he literally went from intimidating to dopey in a matter of seconds

You're even more confused now, and you stand there awkwardly until he finishes laughing. When he realises you're not laughing, he clears his throat and sits up.

''oh right, sorry I just thought of something funny''

what the hell?


He rakes a hand through his hair nervously. ''oh yeah, my back? Don't worry, it's nothing much. I was out one night when some crazy wild animal jumped on me'' he explains.

Crazy wild animal...yeah that hurt. Although it was partly true...

''But wow Y/N...all that to see my back? And you even tried to distract me by kissing me!'' he exclaims, shaking his head. ''need to be careful around you...'' he nods, picking the shirt up from the floor and wearing it.

You hear footsteps behind you and then Jimins head pops up.

''hey- wOAH Taehyung what have you guys been doing?? Why are you half naked?'' he questions with widened eyes.

''Don't ask me! She tried seducing me!'' he points an accusing finger at you, and then begins buttoning up his shirt.

''bullshit don't believe him!'' you retort, trying to avert your gaze from the heavenly sight aka Kim Taehyung buttoning up his shirt slowly in the moonlight.

''Pervy Y/N! I caught you staring at my belly numerous times too'' he retaliated, as you finally sigh and give up on arguing.

''I'm tired, I'm going to sleep'' you yawn, heading for the door inside leaving the two bickering among themselves. You go up to a free room upstairs and slump onto the bed.

After everything that had been revealed, you decided you needed to have a long think about things and make many important decisions.

Jackson...wait for me.

And that was the last thing you thought of, before drifting off to sleep.


[Taehyung's POV]

''Has Y/N gone to sleep?'' he asks the others, jumping onto the couch.

''I think so, she went up a few minutes ago'' Jin answered.

''Something is seriously up with her...she was being really wierd'' he says, rubbing his temples.

''lol don't get angry but I was spying on you the whole time'' Jimin pops, smirking. ''Seriously know what was wierd? When you randomly started laughing after Y/N asked about the marks! What the heck?''

He remains silent, his serene face held in an expression of utter blankness.

Namjoon notices Taehyung's blankness and sighs. ''Don't you remember, Jimin?''

''oh yeah...''

''Many days after that incident, he was paralysed. Mentally and physically. He'd never go out alone even in the day, and he became paranoid something would attack him if he did. He was badly hurt too, he was lucky the claws didn't penetrate any further because if it did... he wouldn't be alive today'' Namjoon finishes, muttering the last part as Jimin was close to tears.

''Don't worry bro, you played it off well. I guess laughing was your way of trying to drive away the fear that escalated within you at the mention of it, righttt?'' Jungkook speaks up, getting up to sit beside Taehyung.

''It's cool, I'm over it anyway'' he breaks off from his daze and flashes a half smile.

''Because the next time I see it, I'll kill it''

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