"To Hell, probably." (Chandlamara)

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Marshy: Thanks, TinyGayTurtle for the prompt!

“Where are you going?”
“To Hell, probably.”


“WHY CAN'T YOU BE HAPPY FOR ME FOR ONCE?!” Heather Chandler screeched at her father. He only growled back, and threatened to hit her. He'd never.

Now, let's backtrack to what lead up to this, shall we?


The Heathers were strutting down the halls of Westerburg Highschool, home to the Rottweilers, and anyone else who was dumb enough to enroll. Heather Chandler ruled this place with an iron fist. No one knew much about her, apart from her girlfriend.

There was one thing everyone knew about Chandler. That being that she was dating Heather McNamara. At first everyone thought it was going to last for a few days, but here they are, four months after coming out publicly, still ruling the school, as a power couple, with a bonus of Heather Duke and Veronica Sawyer - who were dating, becoming DukeSaw.

DukeSaw carried on ahead, chatting eagerly about some books, as Chandlamara stopped at Mac's locker, who looked up at Chandler, “So, I came out to my dad last night,” The cheerleader started. Chandler raised a brow.

“Mhm, how'd he take it?”

“Really well, actually! He said he supports me no matter what!” Mac grinned, and Chandler smiled softly, “Chan, when are you gonna come out?”

That caught her off guard, “Erm, excuse me?” The red girl spluttered, “I can't..”

“Why not?”

“Because.. He's…”

“He's what?”

“Homophobic..” Chandler sighed, “and he already doesn't like you or Duke from my personality. He'd flip, Mac.”

Mac gave a pitiful gaze, “Well, you need to tell him!” She perked up. Chandler rubbed her temples.

“Fine, I'll tell him by the end of the week.”

“Yay! Thanks, Chan!”


And that's what she did, and she was getting yelled at for it. It didn't even need a reason at this point. If her father could yell at her, he would. No matter what. Honestly, it hurt the blonde, quite a bit. As he continued to yell and curse, she walked to the front door, opening it.

“Heather! Where are you going?!” Chandler's father demanded, scowling at his ‘ill’ daughter. He earned a dry chuckle that was forcing back sobs as an answer as Chandler looked him straight in the eye.

“To Hell, probably.” She didn't wait for his reaction, because it didn't matter. He was no longer her father, but another cruel tyrant who liked to squash her like a bug. She shut the front door to her mansion, and a walked down the street to the only safe haven she knew, that's even if she could call it that.


She looked at the mansion, before sauntering up to the front and knocking, praying someone would answer. She wasn't going back to her house, besides she was probably already disowned and homeless now. She had to keep her ‘Mythic Bitch’ act up, no matter how much she wanted to cry. She didn't want anyone from school to spot her, especially in this state of mind.

Luckily, she wouldn't have to.

Her girlfriend opened the door, dressed in her pastel yellow pajamas, as she raised a brow at Chandler, then noticing her expression, “Chan? Are you okay?”

No.’ She thought, “Mac, I need to talk to you, please.”

“At midnight?” Chandler remained silent, as Mac brought her inside, before going to inform her dad. Moments later, she came back, “Alright, I'm back.” She announced, as Chandler rushed to her, hugging her tightly. Mac raised a brow, but hugged back - she'd never say no to snuggles, “Woah,” She commented, “What's wrong, Chan?”

Chandler was led to Mac's room, and the red clad girl told her everything.


“So, he kicked you out?” Mac asked, stroking her girlfriend's hair as she laid in her lap, her red scrunchie neatly on the nightstand.

“Well, I kind of stormed out before he could..”

“Maybe there's still hope!”

“Maybe..” Chandler's phone buzzed, and as she saw the text, her face dropped.

DadChan: Don't even think about coming home. You're no longer my daughter.

She showed it to Mac, “Now he has!” She wailed into her shoulder. The yellow girl sighed.

“You're gonna live with us, then.”

“What? But I can't, I-”

“No buts, Chandy.. You can't go back to him..” Mac sniffled, “I can't let him brainwash you! I need you..”

“Mac I-”

“No! I can't let you-”


“I just-”

Heather!” That caught the girl's attention, “I'm not going back, okay?”

“Pr…Promise?” Mac's eyes lit up with hope.

Chandler smiled with a bright grin, despite her tear stained face,

I promise.”

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