Chapter 18 - Building Headaches

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"Excuse me Miss" he knocks on the door slightly opening it.

"Tell your master I don't want anything thank you very much." She replies dryly not bothering to peek from the soft sheets covering her entire body

"But Miss, you didn't eat anything, at least try it, will you?" he pleaded. "You can't just sit there all day."

"I've done it before you stop underestimating my abilities. Now Get out!" he shook his head when she hissed, getting in to take the tray of breakfast.

Bella hasn't been in the mood to eat, which is completely bullshit if you ask me and technically she should have gone but Ricciardo hasn't forced her, not yet.

The situation of the night before had left her somehow embarrassed and humiliated and she cringed everytime she thought about seeing him face to face. Bella wasn't ready for that.

She spends the entire afternoon staring at the red wine wall on the side of the bed, only deciding to take a long shower to wash away all the thoughts to at least have a better night this time.

The brunette spots a giant red box with a white ribbon as she walks out of the bathroom, her hair dripping as she walks near the box, glancing everywhere before holding her towel in place and grabbing the box, a small card hanging just above the ribbon, the beautiful calligraphy popping into her eyes.

"Went to work today and saw this beautiful masterpiece, and I immediately thought with myself that it would look perfect on you. Wear it tonight? I'll take you for dinner at eight, yes?"

- Daniel

Daniel. Daniel.

Bella gasps placing the card slowly by the side of the box pulling the long red gown out slowly, her heart skipping a beat at the stunning piece of clothing, she was in awe of everything. The dress looked impeccable, the shoes and jewelry in separate boxes even more stunning, but she had to read the card again.

A dress for dinner? Why dinner with her? Why such expensive dress for a simple dinner? Does he want to apologize for the day before? Ah so many questions, yet Bella decides to rush herself, she would take hours to get ready and she was sure the questions would come

She was grateful that the bathroom was filled with woman stuff, so it would be easier to do her simple natural make up, a few curls here and there, and she was done. Shoes on, earrings on, a bit more of lipstick on and last but not least the dress.

Bella glances at herself in the mirror again, doubting about the hair up and a few curls escaping it but she decides to let it be just for one night because it definitely looks good with the dress. She sighs one last time walking out of the bedroom, bumping into Bottas who apologizes and immediately steps back eye widen.

"Hey, Valtteri do I look good?" she asks twirling with a small smile.

The Finn doesn't reply right away instead his icy blue orbs roam up and down at her dress and then her make up, his lips in a thin hard line.

"Miss Franchetti you look good, really good." he replies clearing this throat a tiny smile on his lips.

"Thank you, now would you stop calling me like that? Miss madam or whatever? I feel really old." Bella continues walking down the stairs.

"Miss.." she rolls her eyes. "You are my Master's lady, so you're my boss, I have to respect you." Bella scoffs at his reply. Sure, Daniel's lady? He doesn't treat her like one, well with all the reasons.

Talking about the devil, she easily spots the Australian by the large windows wearing a black expensive tux, his hands in his pockets thumbs sticking out from it, that curly hair as an adorable masterpiece on the top of his head. She always wondered how soft his curls were, she wished she could simply touch it yet she couldn't. But she had to admit he looked flawlessly perfect, a hot tease not even trying. He exasperated so much confidence, so much power, dominance and superiority that Bella didn't understood why he was with her. Why her.

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