Chapter 1: The Blue Planet

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"This is Source conversing with itself."

The voice spoke with confidence as the crew members listened attentively.

"We are seeing eye-to-eye from two different perspectives. Two viewpoints via the same universal mind," said the ambassador as he looked into the multidimensional crystal.

He had the honor of placing the coordinates into the device, a crystalline polygon which levitated in the center of the spaceship. The coordinates would instantly take his dignified diplomatic assemblage to their destination via a resonant frequency.

Ambassador Heping was especially excited to set out on this mission. For the first time in recorded history, a spaceship from Earth was making a trip to Oceanus, a magnificent water-covered planet light years away.

He telempathically communicated the coordinates and the scene instantly changed. He had teleported the Ship of Light to the other side of the galaxy. As the diplomats were approaching Oceanus, they viewed a series of moons circling in front of them. The spheres were spinning and spiraling in accordance with the ratios of phi.

They passed directly over one of the moons — a rocky, crater-filled globe.

Then, the Blue Planet rose in front of them. As they approached this brilliant, glistening world, a sense of awe palpably filled the ship.

From outer space it looked like a veritable paradise. How events would unfold on the surface, they could only anticipate via their pre-cognitive abilities.

As the diplomatic party approached the atmosphere, the blue ocean waters came closer.  It was a crystal-clear panorama where the fundamental elements converged in sparkling hues of light — one that could only be gazed upon with a wondrous eye.


The planet's name was Oceanus, but people often referred to it as "The Blue Planet." Its deep azure seas covered the majority of the sphere, as it was dotted with tropical islands across its pristine face.

The skies were powder blue with soft cottony clouds which drifted lightly overhead.

Abundant palm trees swayed in the wind. The white, sandy beaches stretched out towards the sea as the surf rolled up gently onto the sand. It was all a radiant masterpiece of Nature, a scene so pure and delicate, it could only be orchestrated by a divine mind.

On the ground, a welcoming committee of dignitaries was ready to greet the ship. A telempathic envoy communicated directly with the ambassador on the craft via his advanced mental powers.

Despite being early in the morning, the temperature was heating up. The envoy looked towards the horizon. "Even a little bit of sun makes a great difference," he said as the solar rays began to gush from behind a cloud.

The committee was dressed in rich, radiant colors, matching the tropical paradise of the setting. Their clothing fabric glistened in the sunshine, with the individual fibers set aglow in its radiant light. A woman on the diplomatic committee wore a brilliant dress embellished with an elegant floral pattern. The yellow petals of the flowers lit up like pastel blooms on a purple tapestry that fit her body perfectly.

She was the Contact Facilitator who had laid the groundwork years before, initiating interstellar communication via a series of psychic channelings over several generations. This program was launched to prepare the two planetary societies for diplomatic and social contact, which had not taken place since before recorded history.

The Contact Facilitator normally utilized remote communication techniques that spanned the galaxy, regardless of the distance involved. She would find a resonant frequency to align with a person on the particular planet she was contacting. That person would then channel her messages and speak to the society at large.

She now allowed the Envoy and the rest of the diplomatic team to direct the engagement, and she largely served as a guest of honor. Her contribution was greatly appreciated by both parties, as her work had paved the way for this moment.

Everyone on the ship silently entered into a state of meditation. The atmosphere became relaxed as they collectively were about to receive the telempathic signals of welcome, and the directions on where to land their craft.

The envoy sent them an official welcoming message with the latitude and longitude points of the island that housed a diplomatic spaceport for oncoming visitors. Feelings of thankfulness and joy were communicated via the heart and mind from the ship as they entered the atmosphere.

The circular spaceport could be seen from high above, as it was laid out in a round, fractal pattern. Very similar to a mandala, the ambassador thought as he admired the scene.

The ship hovered above the greeting committee and steadily landed in front of them. The spacecraft was made of light and looked like a shining star in broad daylight.  No door was needed on this spacecraft. The diplomatic crew used their minds to instantly appear outside of the ship.

Ambassador Heping led the team forward in a V formation. His arms were outstretched and his palms open as a sign of welcome. He greeted the envoy with a two-palmed handshake, and smiled broadly. His pearly white human teeth sparkled in the bright sunshine.

As a sign of appreciation, the mission from Earth brought a gift. It was a crystal of light, glowing magnificently.

"Let this gift remind all of us of our common bond. That of the Light. The Light which connects us with all of Divine Creation."

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