Chapter 27

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'Holy shizcrackerinhisballs'

I stared at my TYL lover and still couldn't get over the fact that he's gorgeous as hell and don't remind me whats down there mate.

Okay I'm getting side tracked here. Back to the story my beautiful fans behind the screens~

I just sat there and watch my guardians beat the shit each other up and couldn't help but be amused by it, TYL Hayato is still the same and I do know that my guardians are still the same.

Keeping quiet and just enjoyed the sound chaotic sound that they produce as we make our way back to the base. The scenario from my alternative life and here are still the same as if it's like I'm having a minor deja vu moments here.

'Oh who the hell am I kidding. Of course the feeling is deja vu, the only the different right now is the fact that I'm dating Kyoya. THE Hibari Kyoya from the past. I only stared dating Kyoya from my world when I was 19, for christ sake.'

We came to a halt as we reach the base that the rest of the ring guardians stayed at together with some of the vongola famiglia.

"Usagi" someone called

I stared at those obsidian colored eyes of his as he took my smaller hand against his hand who's larger than mine.

"What is it, Kyoya" I asked, leaning against his taller form.

"Hn space out" (You're spacing out)
He replied; a tiny hint of concern on masked his usual emotionless voice.

I just smiled at his direction nodding slightly to assure him that I'm fine even though I'm having a having a internal battle inside my head.

Questioning myself if I can face this battle once again and a lot of 'what if' questions floating inside my head.

The sound of the door opening brought me back to reality; entering the base silently and a huge smile (smirk) plastered on my face.

'The king is back fuckers'

Without Tsuna noticing the two tall males shuddered when they saw the evil glint on his face.

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