My mind and the Wind

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I feel the chill running up my spine.
A voice,
Deep but hollow, groans,
From all over my dark fort.

Fear, doesn't come.
But curiosity strangles me by my neck,
And begs me to search for the voice.

The whistling of the wind,
I think, that may be speaking.
What else can it be?

But the wind having a voice,
May only be my mind.
But the wind, it speaks,
Can you not hear it?

That wind beacons me,
Showing me everything
And again,
Nothing, at the same time.

It gives me back my past,
To live in it,
To breath in it,
To become who I was before.

I don't like it,
Or maybe I do.

The wind pauses,
Wrapping it's arms around me,
Whispering all of my sins,
Sins that were not in my control,
But again they are blamed on me.

The dark broken world around me,
Disappearing from view,
Leaving the chaos I walk further.

I go through an alley,
Chasing the changing wind.
Trying to grasp it,
But it always escapes.

A flash,
Its dark,
Sight is no longer an option,
Then I say, may my senses guide me.

I follow the voice,
Many times stumbling,
But never falling.

My sight returns,
But not fully,
All I see is a distant light.
Very dim,
And not hurting my dark eyes.
What is it?
What are they?

Still following the wind,
And that hollow voice.
It leads me further and further away from the distant light,
I am curious about the figures,
But not more than the voice
A voice that may only be my mind,
But I can do nothing but follow it.

My breath quickens,
As I pace faster,
Down the familiar road.
And I know I have never walked
This way before.

I can hear the cries of a child,
I am running.
I can hear the laughter of a child,
I am running.

Now I stop,
The wind stops.
Everything I was doing,
till now,
seems vague.

I sit down,
The chair,
Seemed to have materialized itself.

My mind says run,
My heart tells me to stay.
There is something I must see.
There is something I must solve.

I hear glass breaking in the dark.
And when the light comes around,
I see too many of my hopes and dreams,
Lying on the ground.

Problems solved,
So I rise to leave.
But my feet give away,
And I fall on my knees.

The glasses disappear,
As if falling inside the ground.
But if they are sinking,
Why am I still stuck on the ground?

The light grows distant,
And I see a kid running.
And it catches a person,
By the end of the coat.

But the person pulls,
And disappears in the darkness,
The kid stands there,
Only to be hit by someone,
Only to be beaten by someone,
The silhouettes are too dark,
But I can see the kid falling on the ground.

The light fades,
And I am stuck there,
On my knees,
With teary eyes,
I look beneath,
Blood is all over,
Or so it seems,
Is it mine?
Or is this just another dream?

I look up,
The heavens,
They stand splendidly on display,
God shows love,
Or so they say.

When the light returns,
I look back at the kid,
The kid is on his knees too,
And he is looking up too.

I hear him screaming,
I heard him crying,
I hear him calling out to someone,
As if that someone would take him away.

The wind returns,
With it the light fades,
My feet is back up.
And I am running again.

I am sorry,
If I show feelings,
For I am human.

Startling me with its sudden raspy voice,
Is it the wind speaking?
Or is it still,
My mind.

And as I look around me
And the light returns,
And my world fades back into focus.

I look around,
Lots of strangers on the ground,
Walking, not bothering,
Not caring, just ignorant,
About how I feel,
About how they feel,
Or how anybody else feels.

But again,
It's time to die.
No love is lost,
It's time to cry.

It's time to go numb,
Time to smile.
Time to be polite,
No matter how rudely-
They may reply.

Now it's death,
Upon us all.
Now it's peace,
Upon the world.

No rebel,
Just sheeps,
No humans,
But only machines.

No pasts affecting us,
Only the future guiding us.
No present enlightening us,
Only the gods showing us.

And here I am,
In the middle of the street,
And as my world fades again,
My feelings fade with it.
As all around me it's dark again,
I feel like I am a part in it.


The Dead Revolutionary

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