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Taeyeon went inside her classroom

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...Taeyeon went inside her classroom..

"Umm..taeyeon..d-do you al-already have a boyfriend..?" He stuttered then smiled while scratching the back of his head...with some boys looking at him and girls looking at Taeyeon with jealousy

Minho,the captain of the basketball team.He was known to be chill with girls,but apparently not with this one

Taeyeon was taken back with the question

'I dont have a boyfriend..but I like him..but i need to focus on my career right now- BUT I LIKE HIM!?? UUUGH...his so cute..otoke..'  Taeyeon thought


There was an awkward silence..

Minho felt embarrased "hey..umm I-I get it" his charming smile faded and walked out the room with his head down

"Wait!Minho!" Taeyeon called but he already went out of the room

Taeyeon felt regret

"Taeyeon-ah!" her bff tiffany shouted with her hand up signaling taeyeon to sit with her mouth full of rice

Taeyeon walked lazily then sat carelessly and used her arms as pillows for her head
"Uughh" she grunts

"Yahh. *chewing whats wrong baby girl" tiffany asks still eating...

Taeyeon didnt respond

"...ok.? Change subject..DID YOU SEE REBEX'S NEW COMEBACK AAAAHH SEHUN IS SOOO HOT!!" tiffany fangirled

"Your late plus baekhyun's mine" taeyeon said with her husky voice from not talking for a long time,still not moving her head from the desk..

"Aishhh..yah! Kim taeyeon!-" tiffany was cut off by a loud announcement...

"...goodmorning students of UAE..this is your wake up call.." a child like voice started

'His voice sounds familiar?' Taeyeon thought but let it go and go back to her sleeping position..

"Isnt it.. UAC..-" another voice was heard but not as loud

"Ani(no) is UAE" another one shouted

"His right its UAC.."one with a deep voice declares


Whispers from the mic was heard loudly making the class laugh

"1..2...3..we are..rebeX..go to the assembly room and please dont be late" ....

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