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Pen Your Pride

Chapter Fifteen

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Chapter Fifteen

It was about eight thirty, Monday evening. I was sitting on the couch with a bowl of popcorn, watching Doctor Who. My dad was going to come home in an hour or two, he had landed safely and all that, so I was happy.

The past two days were kind of boring, I hadn’t done much, basically just babysitting and basketball. I had expected Madison to say something at practice about Tyler having my key, but luckily she barely mentioned it. She had just said that she was still super happy that I was THE Jenna, to which I replied that THE Jenna was just a friend of her brother.

I had barely talked to Tyler over the weekend, except for a short phone call where he asked me if everything went okay with the key and all that. I was happy that he called, because I simply loved hearing that sweet voice of his. Again, I apologized about two-hundred and twenty three times for falling asleep, and again Tyler told me not to worry about it, which I honestly did. I just hoped he wouldn’t think that I was bored or something. But how could I be bored around a friend like Tyler? ‘I bet Audrey, Zoey and their boyfriends would know an answer to that question…’ I thought to myself. ‘But I like being around that boy with the deep eyes, which were able to tell you anything in the world, yet were the most mysterious and hiding eyes I had ever seen.’ I realized how good, yet bad I knew Tyler.

I decided to call him tomorrow morning or something, since Tyler had once said he wanted to meet my dad when he got home. But it was good that we hadn’t talked much the past few days. School would start again next week, and one and a half week later, finals would begin, which meant studying. And planning, and if there’s one thing I suck at, it’s planning. So it was a good thing that I did a little bit more for finals already. I was doing okay in school this year, luckily, but if I completely mess up all tests, there’s no possibility for me to graduate.

My focus regained on the television screen. I had missed at least 10 minutes of the show, so it was kind of weird and hard to understand what was happening. I switched the channel and put on some channel that sent out video clips. I decided that right now, almost nine, was the perfect moment to take another shower and change into my pajamas.

It took a while before I actually got in the shower, because I got distracted by the huge pile of clothes on my floor that I probably had to clean up and put in the laundry first. But about an hour later, I was completely fresh, brushing my hair one more time. I got the now clean clothes out of the machine, and hung them to dry. I remembered how my clothes were literally spread all over the first floor, where my bedroom was, and wondered what Tyler must’ve been thinking when he got there to get my duvet. I felt a little bit awkward but didn’t really care, because well, I had already fallen asleep so it couldn’t really get a lot worse, could it? Focused on the laundry while silently humming a song, I heard the door getting unlocked. I quickly hung the last shirt over a clothing hanger and ran downstairs.

“DAD!”I yelled, happy to finally be reunited with my family. He hugged me tight and said he’d missed me like crazy. I made us some tea and we sat at the table. I turned the TV off and the radio on, but only a little. I asked my dad about how everything was, and how everyone was doing, and he was pretty pumped about being back in Seattle for a while. “So what have you been doing these days? Hung out with Audrey and Zoey a lot? Or just sitting here by yourself?” He asked. I shook my head, “I’ve been alone sometimes, but a few days before you all left to Seattle, I met a guy named Tyler and we became pretty good friends over the past 3 weeks or something. And we also went to Audrey’s party so yeah, I haven’t been alone all the time.”I gave him a satisfied smile and he looked back at me, a little confused. “So, uhm, Tyler. Is he…” my dad stammered. “Boyfriend? No. We’re just good friends. Don’t worry dad.” I winked at him. “But we might hang out tomorrow, so if you want to meet him, that’d really one of the sweetest dudes I know.” Once again, the big smile wanted to creep up my face, I tried my best to hide it for my dad. He smiled at me, so I guess he at least saw that I was happy. “Yeah, okay. Invite him over. I’ll be a little busy packing for Russia and all that, but I’d like to meet that sweetest dude you know-guy.”

Dad and I sat and talked for like, another hour, talking about everything in Seattle. Right before I wanted to go to bed, dad ran towards his suitcase. “Jenna, before you go to bed, I have something for you, from your grandparents.” He handed out a small, tan envelope. I grabbed it and wondered what it could possibly be. A plane ticket had crossed my mind, but I found it strange that they would give it to me like this. I gently ripped open the envelope and pulled out some sort of letter. There was also a small stack of money in the envelope, but I read the letter first, off course.


I recognized my grandmothers handwriting.

As promised, we would arrange your flight tickets and other things you would need to get here. Now your granddad and I have no clue how to order plane tickets these days, and we didn’t trust your parents and Ben enough to arrange it, since they aren’t the best computer people either. And Ben is too young. Also we thought maybe you’d enjoy arranging this by yourself. So here is money for you to buy two plane tickets, to get here and to fly back. So if you want to, take a friend.

We’ll call you somewhere next week. Much love!

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