Hi so I was thinking..Do you want me to continue this book?

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So... I'm trying my hardest to get by since my mother passed away. It A just hard ya know? But I'm thinking of continuing this book here! Sooo if you want to continue this book just comment some dares for my lazy ass to do! :) I have had a lot and I mean a LOT of messages about my mother so I'm glad that there are nice people in this world. So just give me the dares/questions or ya know whatever lmao

I'll ONLY continue if you guys want me too :> So yeahhhhhh but I would love to continue this btw <3 just need dares and question stuff so ye

Did you think I forgot about the T E A ? Bitch I would NEVER forget about the T E A. So yeeeeee Also is was thinking what if Clem, Louis AND vi were in a relationship together lmao if you guys wants me to do that I will lmao cause don't get me wrong Clem and Louis is a great ship but so is vi and Clem. I actually want to do that lmao so yeah just tells me whats you guys thinks :>

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