Chapter 66

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I looked back down at the Templar who was above me, pressing on the stake that was buried in my shoulder, with both hands. In his eyes was a mixture of hate and regret of his impending death. He watched me reach down and rip the hunting knife out of my thigh, swinging it around in a great arc to stab into the center of his back, right into his heart. The light went out of his eyes just as Drogo reached him, ripping his head from his body, kicking the corpse off of my body. Drogo sank down onto his knees next to me, as Sebastian ran up in his human form, skidding on the dry leaves and dropping down close to us.

Sebastian reached out and put pressure on my bleeding thigh, making me snarl with the pain. I could hear in his mind that he would hold it, slowing the bleeding, until my healing kicked in. Drogo's eyes delved into mine as he reached out and took hold of the end of the stake. I swallowed and nodded at him, keeping my eyes locked with his. He tore the steak from my body, making my head fly back on a terrible snarl of pain. He threw the stake into the forest and bent down to put pressure on my wound, making me hiss again. "You did good, Little Thing," he smirked at me, his eyes still holding worry behind his humor. "Did you guys get them all? Even the four that came after you?" Both of them released my wounds, when I started to heal over.

Drogo's smirk deepened as he put a hand to his heart, saying, "I'm hurt that you think we couldn't." I rolled my eyes at him and sat up with a smile for him, appreciating his humor. I noticed that Sebastian had a deep cut on his forearm and on the opposite shoulder. He saw me looking and said, "Their knives were coated in wolf's bane, Sash." So that was the sheen that I had seen. It was a relief that they believed they were hunting wolves then, otherwise the blades would have been coated in regular poison. "That's why I don't feel any poisoning affects," I whispered out loud to myself. Drogo reached down and pulled me up to embrace him, burying his face in my neck, relieved.

I held him to me, caressing the back of his neck with one of my hands. He pulled back and kissed me with relief and then tucked me into his chest, laying his chin on the top of my head. "Nicolae's going to kill me for letting you get staked and stabbed." "Yup," I chirped in, popping the 'p.' "You're soooooo grounded." Drogo and Sebastian both laughed; Drogo's laughter melting away into a groan of there being some truth in the statement. "Peter's not going to be all that happy, either," I reminded him. He gave another breathy laugh saying, "Well I guess we better head back, so I can face the music." I pulled back to look at him with a smirk, shaking my head and rolling my eyes. I gave him a quick peck and stood.

"I'd offer for it to be our little secret, but Nicolae will just pluck the truth from your mind," I said, brushing myself off, my fingers coming back red with my blood that was on my thigh. Drogo grabbed my hand and sucked my fingertips into his mouth, keeping his eyes on mine. My lips parted as my eyes misted with lust, watching him. Sebastian rolled his eyes and groaned, "Seriously, you two need to get back to the manor. You've been all over one another since the moment we've been out here." I smiled at Sebastian and laughed, pulling my fingers from Drogo's lips. I clapped my hands in front of me, turning to my dogs that eagerly came to me, nuzzling my palms with their noses. I praised them mightily; they had saved us multiple time today.

I jogged over to the place that the sniper was. His mangled corpse lay to the side of his rifle. I reached down and examined the ammo. Silver bullets coated in poison; two birds with one stone, ammo for any prey. I grabbed what ammo was around and on the body and packed up the rifle, slinging it over my shoulder by it's strap. I turned and waited for Drogo and Sebastian, who was now back in his wolf form, to join me. We took off through the trees, the dogs following, and headed back to the manor. Drogo opened the back door, holding it open for me and the great black wolf to enter, the dogs trailing after. Peter heard us and came out of his room, walking down the stairs. Nicolae came out of the study.

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